Motorized Uni

Does anybody know of anyone making a successful electric uni?

and I don’t mean anything like the bombardier which has all sorts of stabilizers and stuff like that.

I am planing to use a 18V cordless drill, probably a ridgid (the industrial line) for power.

I do have some experience with electronics, and am planing to take out the existing triger speed controller and replace it with something that can be attached to my right pedal so that when I lean my foot forward, it pulls it. I’m going to have a brake attached also, so when I lean my foot back, it pulls it.

I am undecided where to put the motor, but if I have the thing chain driven, future models could have the left foot operating a gear shifter.

Here’s how the right pedal’s hoocked up:


there is a guy riding a motor unicycle on this link its pretty cool.

Here’s a French dude, Jackie Chabanais, who has a functional motorized unicycle. Jackie Chabanais’ motorized unicycle

He’s also got some monocycles and other toys.

Trevor Blackwell has plans for a do-it-yourself electric unicycle

It’s almost self-balancing. A gyrosope sensor measures the fore-and-aft tilt and a microcontroller varies the motor voltage to keep it upright. Side-to-side balancing is done in the conventional way with arm swings and hip swivels to turn into the direction of the fall. It’s not very fast, but hey, it’s a good start.

I’ve been thinking modifying Trevor’s design with a 26" fat tire. The 12" wheel in Trevor’s design would get tripped up by the rough pavement and sidewalks near where I live.