motorized uni pic

i don’t recall seeing this one:

Is it ridable?

I have seen drawings of similar things but never a working model.

I, too, wonder if it was actually rideable.

EDIT - My opinion is that it is not rideable. The seat is in the back. Balancing would be incredibly hard even with the weight of the engine inside the wheel.

all i have is this text my friend sent…apparently it sold for $36,000US

Now…get this…before the auction started the auctioneer told everyone that the story about the MV owner’s son making the bike and his untimely death were all a fabrication. The thing was made up by someone who is well known for restorations of old bikes…he had a few Parilla’s up for sale here. It was made up as a unique piece of motorcycle art…doesn’t run…never has.
thats All I have
250CC MZ unicycle reportedly designed and built by the MV founder’s son…who crashed and died on it while waving to a hot female Italian pedestrian as he negotiated a corner. Details of the sad story were printed on the picture framed at the base of the bike.

Sadly, no picture of hot female Italian pedestrian.

I attended the 1995 (or was it '96…don’t remember) USA moto trials World Round in Rhode Isand. Long story short, after the competition the Gas Gas team after a few beers brought out a gas powered unicycle…and actually rode the thing…after a few beers… it was hilarious!

Wish I had pics of it…


ahaha that is funny :smiley: both the rules and that bike :smiley:

I’m sure you wouldn’t sit straight up and ride it though, unless you had increbibly long arms.:wink:

I’m pretty sure it’s rideable; all you need is the sense of control and balance.

the little brown box on the gas tank looks like a cushin that you would lean on.
Just a thought.

It even has a brown bag on the back. This must hold the parachute that deploys to slow it down. :roll_eyes:

I don’t think it was built to work. Aside from the obvious rear-weighting of the thing (even if you lay on the gas tank) I can’t see any signs of a brake system. And unless there’s a very special transmission system in use, you’d need to use the brakes more or less constantly. I also don’t see anything that looks like a transmission, but I’m not an antique motorcycle expert either.

The cycle is beautiful though!

The Ten Commandments from above are actually used by that group, who actually race one-wheeled “sleds”. They have a single powered wheel, but usually something dragging behind, for what amounts to a tricycle with one wheel and two skids.

except for the awful number on the number plate :slight_smile:

It’s plausible that thing actually could work. I noticed theres a wheel(s) inside the rim meaning that it goes forward the seat probably tilts upwards. It is pretty awesome even if it wasn’t intended to run.

I like how the suspension isn’t actually suspensioning anything. It’s connected to two rigid parts of the frame.

it looks lie an older version of the bombardier embrio!

cool photo!

I don’t know… it looks to me like it would be keeping the pressure of whatever drive wheel to the inside of the rim.
I think it would be rideable…

yes it might well be that the engine pivots on the front mounts and spring/damper keeps the drive wheel on the rim.

The suspension is that big springy thing under the seat! :slight_smile:

The “main” suspension could be said to keep the frame from “winding up” but as it has already been explained this cycle was never intended to work. I’d say it’s main purpose is to look like suspension.

When the wheel goes forward, everything else will go back. You’ll be on your butt in no time. Only you won’t, because it doesn’t work anyway.

You guys seem to be forgetting that for something like that to work, it has to have a balancing system. Either that, or you ride the brakes constantly, which will wear them out fast and make a stink. Plus to be actually used it would need lots of protective bumpers because it would get dropped a lot!

That uni is tight!!!