"motorized assist" for steep Ascents!

To all the naysayers…

Shuttles (leaving vehicles at each end of the ride) and “hiking” up hills – this is clearly MUni-speak. So, give him a break (if not a motor). I mean…

How many of us actually MUni up steep hills?

I walk. And I’ll be walking up the hills until I’m over the hill. :slight_smile:

I actually like pumping the cranks up hills…if they’re not so steep that I can’t maintain forward momentum. Thats when a little “assist” would really come in handy! But it’s a great feeling of satisfaction when I do make it to :smiley: the top!

Corbin generally leads the pack here. Gerblefranklin follows. And I try to, just to keep up with those two. I need to MUni with some lazier people. Let me know when you’re in the Bay Area, Dave! :slight_smile:

i find hill climbs enjoyable