I was meandering through the froum and look what i found…

“”""""Quote (THEDMAN @ Nov. 24 2003,16:35)
…There’s more to MOTORAMA, than just competing.
I totally agree with you! I really hope it’s as big as it’s been in years’ past! I love riding new bikes, seeing new people (and the uni’s last year were cool)

side note…anybody else able to gap from raddison bed to bed, without hitting their head on the ceiling?..after 5 beers and 2 dozen wings? “”"""

I guess you guys made quite an impression last year. i’ve heard numerous times about uni trials from bike riders that didin’t know i rode a unicycle. once when riding my trials bike on a college campus some bmxers started talking to me. I explained that what i was doing was called trials, to which they responded, “oh, like they do on unicycles?”