motorama pictures

Hey everyone. I am trying to make an album that we can all access to add pictures and videos from the motorama. Does anyone no how to make the permissions change to everybody?

nevermind. I got it. Alright. All you crazies who want to add event pictures to the album go for it. Send me a note with the text you want and I’ll fire it in there. Here’s the link:
Jagur, as cool as nightrider is, I’ll take this opportunity to head you off :slight_smile:

Nice pics, Gauss. I didn’t know a parked car could move that fast sideways!

This from someone at NATS. If you got any good Muni pix, please send them to


Like, pics in general, or from trials events?

Thanks for the photos, gauss (French for mathematician). Is that your carbon fiber frame you’re using?

From Motorama only, sorry if that was misleading.


Just making sure