Motorama is looking good

Plans are set for Motorama (Feb 22, Harrisburg PA).

Motorama drew 175 trials bikers last year as well as over 20,000 spectators for the entire weekend event. 12-13 Muni/Trials riders from all over the North-East are ready to roll. Anyone else interested? There’s always room for more!

Most of the details have been worked out and posted at

We will be competing as a group in a single “unicycle” class on select bike trials sections as well as custom Muni/Trials sections which we will personally design and build. NATS rules will be used.

We’ve been invited to create a demo area in addition to the competition course. We will also select a few Muni/Trials riders to participate in the Saturday evening demo alongside the bikers (most likely selected from the competition winners).

Joe Merrill

I know I’m psyched and ready to go.

You can see some more pix of last years sections at

Happy Trials

Dude. Dirt Rag was there last year! I wonder if we can make it into the mag AGAIN. That would rock. I’m SO psyched for this event. Its gonna be a heck of an experience. It always seems that there is never an event close enough to the Northeast for me to be involved with ( I know I know, New Jersey Coker ride.). Finally… I can’t wait to meet y’all and I hope to learn much from the masters…


I have to say, it looks like us unicyclers have it much easier when it comes to trials. I mean, we don’t have to deal with that unwieldy frame, the superfluous handlebars, or even that extra wheel.

And what have they got that we haven’t? The only thing I can see being advantageous is the lower point of the bike frame allowing you to rest in one spot without rolling.


Bikes can take a lot bigger drops. The force is spread out along the entire frame and both wheels rather than in one central vertical location. In Universe at a bike trials comp. a guy does what looks like a 15ft or so drop. There’s no way you could do that on a uni.
Another thing that may be helpful, I’m not really sure (I’ll have to watch the bikers), is that forward gaps could be taken from the back wheel to the front, shortening the gap by the length of the bike. I don’t know if this is actually done… just thinking.