Motorama Hotel info:

So Motorama is Fast approaching, as we have done in years past a bunch of riders will be sharing rooms for the event to bring costs down for everyone. Currently we are looking to get rooms for the 18th and possibly the 19th

The Hotel We are planning to stay at is the:
Best Western Inn & Suites
815 Eisenhower Boulevard, Harrisburg, PA

It has an indoor pool, arcade, gym, and sauna

Rates seem to be about $75 a room/night. ( Hopefully $10-15 per person maybe cheaper if we can get more people in each room)

Currently it looks like the boston crew (Ben Joey, TheDan, + a few more are getting one room) and then Obie and myself + more are looking to get another one. If you don’t want to be packed into a hotel room with a bunch of other people and have the money to spend on your own room, that is cool too and make sure to book a room at the Best Western.

If you are looking to go to motorama and want to have the most fun of your life this is going to be the place to stay at for the event.

If anyone is in for going in on rooms please post in this thread.

link to the hotel…

im game with sharing a room. i was told one of you ppl were in charge but needed a cc # to book reservations? pm me with the link to the hotel and info and ill put it on the card given that people will just pitch in there when we get there.

Good job Redneck.

I just found out if you say your with Motorama you get a discount and rooms are only $59 a night… See you folks there…

Nice! I’m working on getting shadowuni to come. $15 a pop ain’t bad.

Hm… I’m thinking back and forth, and can’t decide if I should come to motorama or not…

12 days to decide or so…

How many people of HOW are going there? Is anybody willing to give me a ride around friday afternoon (possibly morning, not really sure how that works with my employer)? Being a car-less austrian (for muniracer: australien) alien in Northern Virginia sucks when you want to go to wonderful places like Motorama…

Northern Virginia - anybody?


I’m definately going to Motorama. I’m also thinking about going to Ray’s afterward, but it would make my total weekend driving distance over 1000 miles. Are you also interested in Ray’s, Wogri? If so, we could split the driving, if not, I’ll just go to Motorama. Either way, I’d be delighted to carpool to and from the event(s).

I’d be interested in your ride offer, Frank, if it also pertains to me.

Frank, if we can make it home by Sunday evening / night, we can go around the world, if you want to. I’d love to go to ray’s, and my 24" is now up and running perfectly again, so I say: Hello Rolling trials :slight_smile: