Motorama Hotel arrangements


To all going to motorama. I have yet to book a room for the event I plan on driving up Friday afternoon probably getting there arround 8pm ish (dont know for sure if I’m going to skip class if so I’ll be there bright and early at 12pm.

Anyone interested in splitting a room for friday?

Also if you already have booked a room where at, we should deffenatlly get together and do something.


Hey, most of Hell On Wheel is going. We can probably share some rooms. I’ll talk to you later with a definate answer.


Hi Mike,

My room is booked already, but I’m sure you’ll hook up with someone.

John, How many Hell-On Wheel guys do you think there will be?

As of now, it looks like there will be around 22, more or less.

Any word from the Toronto crew? Anyone coming down? Jeff, Ryan, Carl?

Joe Merrill

From Hell On Wheel, there is Frank, Trip, John, Sam, Hugh, Nick and possibly Allen and Houston.


And I (Trip) have already sumbitted my forms.

Joe, what hotel are you and Kris staying at? Might as well try stay in the same place if we can. Feel free to email me about this if you’d rather.


I’m hoping to come as a judge and may be able to scrounge up a rider or two. We-all will be looking for a room to share.