Motorama - Feb 22. Harrisburg PA

Does anyone know anything about Motorama? It’s a big bike trials event (motorcycle/trials events too). I think I read somewhere that it is the biggest national bike trials event. (How do you insert hyperlinks using the interface?)

Seems to me that if the hosts are willing to accomodate trials Uni that it would fit right in. Check out this picture.

It looks like they have some pretty cool trials obstacles. If a bunch of us went, maybe we could get a uni trials competion segment!

Joe Merrill

harrisburg isnt that far from me I would deffenatlly go and ride if I could… I might not be the best trials rider out there, but Im sure it would be tons of fun anyway.

And if anyone wants to sponcer a few unicyclist this might be a great opertunity for them to get their name out with some east cost trials.

If you can post a few more details I am really interested in going to thins thing.