Motorama 2005

Motorama 2005 is on!
Saturday February 19th

See announcement at

Please post questions and comments here.

Joe Merrill


thanks joe, i knew you would come to the rescue. i would like to come early to help, but am unsure of how early my ride can pick me up.


On one hand I’m glad for all those riders on the east coast, but on the other hand, it isn’t the greatest thing for me, since it gives me a solid deadline that I have to have my frame finished by…

I’m really interested in going, but I’m trying to figure out if I should stay for a few days or if its pretty much a single day event. When is the unicycle trials competition being held? Can unicyclists still ride the course when the competition isn’t happening? I’ve never been to a trials event before so I apologize if these are really stupid questions.

well, the way the event works is that everyone just randomly rides all the lines for a few hours, completing as many as possible within the time limit. afterwards last year, the uni trials was taken apart but we could ride on teh bike stuff.

I will probably be around to help build this year I was fortunate enough not to take classes on friday so I cant see it being a problem.


I can’t come to help set up this year, but hope to make the competition. Last year’s event was great!

If anyone is unsure if you should help with set up on Friday, do it! It was almost as much fun setting up as it was riding the course. It was a great chance to get to know other riders. I also learned a lot about the set up and reasoning behind a trials course and competition. It was a great learning experience for me.

The other reason to help is to keep the event alive and well. Last year we had a good crew building the course. We got done by the end of the afternoon and were able to go out to dinner together. It’s too much work for a few people to do, so we gotta pitch in to help out. The easier it is to do, the more likely it is to be done again next year. This uni trials competition is a great event. Well worth the effort to keep it alive!

Thanks Joe, for organizing this great event!


My brother and I will probably be coming down on Saturday. Unfortunately, school prevents us from making it on Friday. I was looking at the registration costs and couldn’t figure out how much unicyclists have to pay. Also, do you know aproximately when the unicycle competition starts and ends?

Thanks. I can’t wait.

The entry fee is $30 (same as entering in a single bicycle or motorcycle class), plus $10 to be collected day of event. Yes, the form is very confusing. :slight_smile:

The $30 goes with your application to Motorama Associates.

I will collect an additional $10 on Saturday to cover additional course setup costs.

The competition is Saturday and will last 2-3 hours. Last year I think we started around 10am. You will want to plan on arriving by 9am in case we start on time :slight_smile: Let me know if I can answer any other questions.


Hey, I will be there. I will likely be able to help set up this year too.

For those interested in picking up a copy of TWNR at motorama, I will be sending copies with a Motorama’ist to deliver to you guys there.

the cost is $18us (or $23 can) and I will be only including copies that have been prepaid. (and about 10 extras just in case) At this time, Paypal, checques, or Money Order will be accepted.

please email me to arrange for your copy.

movie notes:

30 min main feature
13 min NYMW feature
13 min (4 songs) extra bonus riding
4 live music videos of theGrassy Knoll &the Magic Bullit (filmed and edited by me)
rider Bio’s

…and some more…

It looks like I will be coming down via greyhound on Friday. I should get there around 4:30. The rest of the day I’m free to help work on the obstacles. It would be super helpful if someone was around and could help me with a ride here and there so I don’t have to cab around. Also, I would be happy to split a hotel room with someone to help defray costs.

I’ll be bringing copies of TWNR, so you can reserve them from Brian and get them from me. I’ll have a few extra’s too.

Kevin, I reserved a room at the Radisson. I have room for you and one other. I’ll have my car, so don’t worry about getting around. PM for my cell. I can pick you up at Greyhound. Joe

Is anyone planning to hop over to Cleveland after Motorama? I haven’t scoped out the times/distances yet, but I’m interested in trying it.

When does the unicycling event start?

I think I got the correct address for Motorama…

Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex
2300 North Cameron Street
Harrisburg, PA

Ray’s MTB
9801 Walford Avenue
Cleveland, OH

MapQuest says –

Total Est. Time: 5 hours, 21 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 332.06 miles

We have the place to ourselves after 10:30 PM. The video viewing is at midnight. And a number of us will be riding at Ray’s on Sunday too.

I don’t know what time the event ends at Motorama. If a trip to Cleveland doesn’t interfere with your fun at Motorama, then go for it! Even if you got there at 11 PM… the party is just beginning! And then you have Sunday at Ray’s too.

Please note that I’m VERY reluctant to post in the Motorama thread encouraging people to come to Cleveland. I’m not! I’m simply helping answer a question. Each person has to decide which event to go to. If it’s possible for some people to do both, then great! It will be double the fun. A weekend to remember!

id like to do that motorama to clevland trip too but i think it would be too much. ikm thinkin imma jus go to motorama becasue trials is more my thing than the rolling trials stuff

The Motorama competition will begin around 10 am Saturday and should end by 1 or 2pm. Joe

I was just filling out the registration form and it looks like you have to reserve parking before hand. Its also pretty pricey at $40. Does anyone who has been to Motorama before know if it’s hard to find a cheaper place to park within walking distance of the Farm Show Complex?

That parking fee is for people with RV’s and trailers, in years pass when you get your competitor id in the mail they have a free parking pass for the event as well.