Motorama 2005 results

43 Ryan Atkins
37 Ben Plotkin-Swing
35 Joey Cohn
29 Joel Burgess
24 Jeff Prosa
20 Trip Glazer
18 Nick Mullen
17 Brian Maw
17 John Glazer
16 Nick DiJohn
16 Christopher Musco
15 Kyle Grasso
14 Joe Merrill
14 Kevin O’Brien
14 Chris Wonderly
13 Cameron Musco
13 Jordan Brown
11 Joseph Graff
11 Frank Brown
9 Wolfgang Henner Bichler
9 Mike Carroll
8 Dave Kimmel

On a Side Note, Ryan placed 2nd in the Pro Bike Mod Class earning himself in the books as the first unicyclist I believe to take a placing in a Major Bike Trials event.

Photos of the day can be seen at

If anyone needs a higher res version of any of the pics let me know, Riders Please go and caption your pix if you have some time.


What a great showing, and grats to the competitors. I thought about you guys all weekend…

Did Ryan compete in the bike division on a unicycle?

Does that cylindrical thing rotate? If so, how easily?

any videos??

I had a great time, thanks Joe!

Anyway, I have a few pictures here:

and a few more that I have not uploaded yet. Sorry for doing such a crummy job of documenting the event, but I was having too much fun riding.

The competition was just under 3.5 hours, which was incredibly long. I was exhausted by the end. For next year I am going to build up my endurance; there were lines that I was getting really close to clearing at the beginning but by the end could not even get close. In fact, my legs still hurt.

See you all next year!

The event was really fun. Thanks alot for organizing it Joe. No the cylidrical think does not rotate, although it does wobble back and forth a bit.

Very proud to see the top 3 riders are
Bedford Unicycles Factory Team riders !

Way to go guys !

10 days rest until TOque in Toronto.
Looking forward to another great event this year.

See you there,

P.S. Anyone who has not registered for the TOque games yet but are planning on coming
please do that ASAP ! Time is running out.

Nice to see you had a good event. How much space did you have? How many sections were there? Did you use the U-trials system and if yes where is the list posted?

That is one amazing pic of Joey’s gap. Number 86 in the first album, pg. 4 , 4 rows down, second from left. Did he make it?


Edit: Never mind on the rules thing found the link, sorry. Darren when is the Toque schedule going to be posted? I need to know soon.

yeah, the comp was really sweet. i had a great time, and i think so did everyone else as far as i could tell. Thanks alot Joe!

I competed in the Pro Mod class on my unicycle after the uni comp was finished because i wasn’t really very tired. It was interesting competing in the 2 different styles of competitions, one right after the other. It seemed with the bike rules, i got so much more stressed out and nervous, and upset at myself than in the uni competition. Also, there was so many lines in the bike comp, i had to wait around for a while!

I think i came second in the bike comp, i didn’t stick around to see the results, but i think that Chris Santos was the guy who beat me. What really cheesed me off, is that i totally could have gotten zero on the whole pro comp, but instead, a couple of screw-ups, and i ended up with 12 points. oh well!


I filmed one of ryan’s perfect runs:

I admire you for your riding skills, ryan.

I liked Motorama a lot, I’ve never been to an unicycling competetion, and was surprised how professional and difficult these lines were.

Nevertheless, I learned a lot, and one day I might join you guys again at Motorama!


I just got in. I had a blast the whole weekend. The competition was fun, but was really just the beginning of an awesome time.

The lines were really awesome. It was also interesting to see how they were put together. Literally anything you could think of could be built at your pleasure.

The competition went over smoothly, using the newest version of the U-system (1 point per line cleaned).

My only complaint is one to be lodged with the motorama people: It was very very hot in the complex, which only made fatigue factor in faster.

Like I said before, the comp was just the beginning. Even if you aren’t a very good unicyclist, I recommend you make it to an event just to hang around people. Not only will you be inspired to become a better unicyclist, but you will have a great time.

We all split hotel rooms in the same hotel complete with pool, sauna, and adjacent Wnedy’s and Taco Bell. I really feel sorry for Joe, Ryan and anyone else that stayed at a different hotel…you missed some genuine good times. More later, me hungry and sleepy.

What diffuculty would you say that line was? (1-10 or the U-rating system) I just want to know if people would concider that a hard one, and easy one, or medium.

That looked like a ton of fun, I can’t wait for TOque!

Sounds like it was an awesome comp; congrats Ryan for the win and great finish with the Pro bikers- that’s really cool. I wish I could have been there!!! There was also a freetrials comp (ie biketrials with unitrials rules) today in Vancouver, which went well and had some really good sections. I think this is the first weekend where two unitrials-type events were going on in the same weekend in two different places.


If this question was posed directly to me, all I can say is: I have no idea. I filmed another run of ryan, that seemed to be more difficult, at least for unicyclists. I didn’t look at the difficulty levels.


If you add rolling trials at Ray’s MTB, this is 3 events at one weekend. Whereas rolling trials has not much to do with traditional trials.


did Frank get a new KH 2005?

Great event, good lines, good company and good riding. It was a long comp, but I liked it that way. I was still getting new lines at the end of the 3.5 hours.

The latest revision of the U-system, 1 point per line, certainly made the comp easier to set up. I’m not entirely convinced that it will always be a good way to score a comp, though. I can imagine cases where it would be better to have some lines worth more than others.

See everyone at Toque.


That event looked great! I wish I could’ve made it. Those lines looked really interesting, and it looked like there was enough there to jkeep you going for a long time.

That line looked easy-medium, unless I missed something. It appeared that there was almost no precision involved, just medium-big pedalgrabs. Then again, I was 3000 miles away, and it’s easy to miss something.

Warning: Those are the greatest pictures ever.

Warning: The above statement is likely to be false. I don’t really enjoy using the camera for good, moreso to ridicule people and amuse myself. Also, I am bad at it.

The line was actuall one of the Pro Bike Trials Lines not one in the unicycle comp.

On a bike it was much more difficult looking as space was quite limited. I was unable to watch many of the bike lines unfortunatlly as I was a observer/judge for another line in order to make some gas money,