Motorama 2004

Wondering how to survive the winter blues? Motorama 2004 is 3 months away! Get ready! Last 12 unicyclists competed and it was a blast. Info on last year’s event is at: and photos are at:

I just got a call from the director asking if we are interested in competing again and of course said yes.

So who’s interested? The Motorama director is asking me how many Uni-trials competitors might show up.


I’ll be there.

you can probably count on at least 3 hell on wheel members. i will probably make it, but its hard to say this early on…

Team will be there (Thats Dan, Joey and myself). Possibly some others from the Boston area. We’ve been trying to convince the Toronto crew to come down as well. Should be a wicked cool event.


Where is it? I’ve been waiting for a close-by uni convention such as this one. If it’s anywhere near the northwest, I’ll be there.


Any chance of a beginner or novice category?


Where is it?

harrisburg PA.

I know that there has been alot of talk about expert and novice levels kicking around our team we are hoping to be able to use the U system and have expert and novice levels.


What is the U system? I looked at the motorama photos and those trials were mostly above my ability. Someday I hope to be riding at that level, but not this year. Would the U system have some less intense options?


I’d like to come, but I doubt I have the cash for a round trip and palce to stay:( . Still hoping though.

Like any formal bike trials competition, Motorama uses bike trials rules. If you are not familiar with a bike trials competition, check old threads here or just do a web search on “observed bike trials” or start here:

I think it’s safe to say that you can’t mix the u-system into a bike trials event, you have to go with one or the other system.

I think that based on last year, we should definitely have a “novice” and an “advanced” class. This way we can pick sections that are more appropriate for each class.

Even using bike trials rules, we had tons o’ fun last year.


I’m almost sure that I can go. do you have a date?

It looks like it will be Sat Feb 21 but I need to confirm this.


As of now, count 3 people in from toronto.


count three in from CT!!! group!


Ryan, I’m just wondering if I’m one of three from Toronto?


Well after reading what Joe said it looks like yet again this year there is gona be a huge debate over which rules to use, after last year I would definitely say that mixing the two would be fine just have slightly different cards made up (which I can do at home and bring them if we have to) and explain the rule to the judges which is easy enough cuz the rules are really simple, and ALOT more fun to compete under.
Personally I had allot more fun riding before and after the comp than during it simply because its not fun at all riding lines in the bike trials rules you are always trying to be perfect and never trying to do the more fun thing.

I asked before and didn’t get an answer…maybe because I asked a couple of questions…this time, I’ll keep it simple.

What is the U system of judging? I looked up the rules for the trials (thanks Joe), but it sounds like the U system is different. Is there a website that explains the U system?


The first question I would have is - how could the repeated attempts allowance in the u-system work within the bike trials format? I don’t think the judges or competitors would like having unicyclists doing repeated attempts in a section where the bikes are allowed only a limited number. First of all, we would still have to go to the back of the line in the crowded sections. When we started coming around the 4th, 5th, 6th time, the bike competitors reaction would most likely be: “What hell are these guys doing?” This would be especially obvious if anyone rides the pro sections this year. Let’s say you’re really close to cleaning some crazy section, but you have used up three attempts already. So according to the u-system, you queue behind JJ and Chris Santos. The announcer is perplexed. Why is this unicle dude going for his fourth attempt? Maybe they don’t know the rules?

For the less crowded sections, sure, those who needed to could keep doing repeated attempts. But I think the judges would lose patience with this realy quick.

So repeated attempts would be possible on the “empty” sections (which probably translates to the “easier” sections, but then there would be questions about judging in this case (Would we self-judge in these cases?)

Also remember how chaotic the setup was last year? The hosts were often running around at the last minute just trying to FIND a judge. Judges can change at the last minute too. If something happens that throws a monkey wrench in the ability to compete and score consistently, and you’ve got built in inconsistencies as well, then you’ve got a bunch of unhappy unicyclists too. I think it would be tough to mix in the u-system and apply the rules consistently in the midst of a large bike trials comp. Just my two cents based on organizing the thing last year.

I think there’s more to it than just explaining the rules to the judges. First of all, whoever is representing the unicyclists would need to get approval from the guy running the competition, and I can tell you, based on last year, the guy running the show was seriously busy, stressed out. He didn’t even show up until the day of the show, so there was no opportunity to talk. The last thing he would have wanted would have been to listen to me trying to convince him that we wanted to use an alternate scoring system.

Don’t get me wrong, if it could work, I’d be for it, I just don’t see how it could. Let me know your suggestions. I’m happy to be the contact for the show, since the guys at Motorama know me already, but I certainly don’t want to come off like I’m trying to control things.


Try this
There are some threads on the u-system if you search here. Kris Holm proposed this system a few years back and it has been used at several comps at the past several national conventions. Everyone I’ve spoken to who has competed with the u-system has liked it.