Motoram Trials competition DVD

I just received my DVD copy of the Motorama 2003 documentary which Scott Bridgman filmed and produced. It’s excellent - has great footage of unicyclists, bikers and motorcyclists riding all over the trials sections at Motorama.

It’s about 30 minutes long. It shows how we unicyclists got involved in Motorama last year, shows us building sections, and competing.

It has brief interviews with various people involved in putting on the competition, simple and clear explanations of trials - It’s a good intro to trials competitons for anyone who is curious, it’s entertaining, and is well filmed, edited and produced. Scott invested a LOT of time in this and the results show this.

It was really cool to see how people were riding a year ago and to realize how far everyone has progressed in one year!

Anyone considering Motorama 2004 should definitely check this out. It will get you stoked.

If you’re on the fence about coming this year, keep in mind that registration fees go up from $30 to $50 if your application is postmarked after February 1. Stay tuned for more details, this years competition will be bigger than last year.


Oh yeah, here’s where you can buy it:

It looks like news stock to me from all the screen shots, and the way he filmed it.

Any comments on the video’s style?

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