moto-unicycle trials

ahah wow

wow, that is SO cool!! :astonished:

damn that was sweet.

I could do that… :roll_eyes:

doesn’t look too hard so maby :wink:

I didn’t know what to expect from the video when I opened, but it was pretty cool, he actually made it look easier than on a real trials moto. Future sport? :wink:

I’ve gone to many motorcycle trials events but that was the coolest one that I’ve ever seen.

That was AWESOME!!

that thing was sweet but looked very heavy.

a compleat mototrials bike is like 300ish lbs i think so thats probly 215?

that would be kinda hard to control.

I’ve seen that done on mtb’s but I’m sure that would be a lot harder considering it weights a lot more.

Watch this guy toward the end

Now THAT was amazing. Incredible control and balance. That guy MUST be a unicyclist. I was amazed at what he could do with a full sized motorbike.

300ish lbs??? more like 150-160 so thats about 130 or so with no forks. It is easier that way, till u drop the front end…