Motion Movement - Fall 2011

Totally not what i wanted. Had huge plans for this video but between work and the weather it overcame my riding. Got snowfall and constant rain so i thought i’d just release the clips that i had…

Nice! You’ve gotten way better since NAUCC. Loved the hickdub and double down the 4 stair :smiley:

I liked the Lateflip up the curb.
And: The last stairset is famous!

Nice, you’re really good at street! I liked the late flip up the curb and the doubleflip down the 4 set.

Soooo sick! Love it bro, you’re getting way good :slight_smile:

Your riding is getting a lot cleaner also!

Keep it up!

nice, dude. 180flip-fakieflip was doooope

How have I not seen this until now :open_mouth: Dear heavens, Tony you’re getting so clean and crisp. :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see you sooooooon!