Mostyn revisted, BUC 7

We went , we rode, we had a good time.

This is a totally biased, one sided review.

Paul and I got to Mostyn on friday afternoon, dumped our stuff in the dorms (
nice to get a single room this year as one of the few dorm girls) and then we
headed for the hills. We had work to do in our roles of munibods, a route we’d
picked from the map needed to be checked out for steepness, muddy ness and
general rideablility. What we found was promising, even in the rain and cloud we
could ride most of it.

Back to Mostyn where the sun had been shining all afternoon, into the shower and
then dry clothes. We took stock of the timetable and started to get our lights
rigged on the munis for the pub crawl. A good crawl , tho short as we got stuck
in the second pub and never quite made it to the third. The locals were frankly
unbeliveing about the road riding abiliy of some of the group. Much catching up
and yarning about uni exploits went on along with much downing of Burtonwoods
bitter or smooth. After time was caled, we straggled back to the clocktower and
got on with some messing about in the hall with unis, eventully falling into bed
at 2am when the hall shut.

At warm up the next morning there were a few bleary eyes to begin with but
riders soon got into the swing of things, circling, turning on a call and then
enjoying a game of chain tag and another of stuck in the mud. As the warm up had
merged into the games we continued with a few races out in the car-park.
Featuring the British speciality races , egg and spoon and the blindfold race,
both run on a course that included a speed hump for added fun. These are both
relay races and my team came forth in the first and third in the second, Girl
power ( and simon and stu) demontrated, as we were the team with all the girls
in. Well done to Charly , Jo, Simon, Trine and Stu.

After a tea break there were two workshops, at which some people learnt new
stuff. Then Lunch and the load up of unis into a van and riders into cars for
the Hockey. Once again we had hired a local sports hall for this, and once
again it was an excellent " out of the hat" tournament , won by one team or
another. Some good close games were played and a number of riders got a first
taste of Hockey.

Back in Mostyn we were in for a surprise, Mrs DM had been cooking and we were
invited to celebrate DMs 30 th Birthday ( as a company) with a short talk about
his uniycling history and how much things have changed and some cake and
chocolate, little bars with a unicycle moulded onto them.(DM is branching out
into kitchen ware it seems)

Then it was time for the weekends first muni ride, a short outting along the sea
, on a bumpy but flat track, this was an ideal first muni trip and an
introduction for many of the youngsters. kids who had only learnt to free mount
in the morning were putting it to good use on the challenging track, those who
could ride more confidently did an extension of the ride and visted both the
derilict ship and the chemical works ( Mostyn is not a scenic village) The sea
wall itsself was sampled by a few hardy souls inspirered by the Universe vid
that had been shown earlier.

I’ll rattle on about the show and sunday in another posting, as I’m getting
hungry and tea is nearly ready.

ttfn sarah

Re: Mostyn revisted, BUC 7

Sarah Miller wrote:
> I’ll rattle on about the show and sunday in another posting, as I’m getting
> hungry and tea is nearly ready.

Yeah, go on, tell 'em all about Sunday’s muni ride. I loved that climb at the
end, and I was quite pleased to reach the top within sight of Leo. I wish I’d
thought to stretch afterwards though, my quads still ache.

Don’t forget to take your Mostyn passes to Bristol, and make all the jugglers
wish they’d been to BUC (tee hee, that’s got the foreigners curious, I’ll let
Sarah tell you about the convention passes too).

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