Mostyn Mayhem!

Mostyn Mayhem!

Mostyn unicycle convention, August 31st 2001 to September 2nd 2001 at the
Clock Tower, Mostyn, North Wales.

It is happening again, same venue, same basic structure (well it is
rather liked like that). There will be loads of unicycle workshops
going from absolute beginner to advanced. As well as the unicycling we
hope to provide a wider range of circus skills work shops this year
including trapeze.

The event has a superb venue at the clock tower with free camping only a
100m away (behind the pub!) and we also have a dormitory style
accommodation available on site.

Specific events over the weekend include, Muni rides, games, races, pub
crawl (will do more than 2 pubs this year!), show and shopping (ask if
you want!).

See you there.