Mostyn Mayham

Hi all,

It is less than a week to go to until the Mostyn Mayham!

If you have not been to it before, we are in our 5th year. This is a good
relaxed mixed convention at a lovely venue, it tends to have a bias towards
unicycling but is a general convention. It is only a few miles in to Wales
from Chester, so it easy to get to. The Clock Tower is one nicely equipped
venue! with permanent trapeze, loads of mats for acro, tall ceiling, good
floor and a bar. Hall is 24hour this year! We have free camping within 50m
of the venue and hall sleeping for those who want it.

I have just uploaded the program of events (if you believe it), it is
similar to last years. Just a few changes. I have not worked out the
workshop timetable yet, but we do have some lined up in advance including
the normal unicycle ones (including a hockey tournament) and trapeze. We
are looking for volunteers as always!

We also have the canteen menu uploaded to you know what food is available

See you there.



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