mostyl trial

hey guys here is a small video for you :wink:
i hope you like the editing…tell me what´s bad:p



30 seconds in was crazy!! huge drop/gap on to skinny…

and was that a fifth double at the start? or just fifth? and fifth side flip!!?!? really nice work. :slight_smile:

great song, phenomenal video. thanks for making it.

thx! i don´t know if you noticed that 1:13 was from rail to rail and it was much harder :wink:
and no it was just a fifthflip but yeah i´m really proud about the fifthside :wink:

thank! i spend really much on chosing this song and i even cuted out the boring parts so i´m happy that you liked it :wink:

Wow, that was sick. The editing was really awesome, and the fifthside looks really nice

i too had too look back to c that line. i didnt really take much notice of that line because the fisheye distorted it. trial shouldn’t hav too much fisheye and if u do use it u need to b careful not to distort things that u want us to c clearly e.g. ur gap to skinny.

i thought the editing was really cool but maybe a bit too much random things. im also usually careful not to over edit but i think u got it just about right for this sort of length video.

overall it was really good riding and a nice video! :slight_smile:

great video

but the best thing is the men in final cut :stuck_out_tongue:

thx! to the fishey…yes i know but at this clip i it was shity to film i filmed it without it too but it was not landed…i can upload it if you want;)
you can see the 2 rails at 59 sec, i do 90 half rev to the rail where i landed at 1:13

haha xD

Nice trials! I think that the drop to the skinnie looked more impressive than the gap from skinnie to skinnie, but the latter looked more difficult. My favourite line is the one starting at about :54. :slight_smile:

When you did the natural pedalgrab, and hopped down to the same side, it didn’t look intentional. Same with the gap from skinnie to skinnie, where you hopped down to the side you came from. Try to avoid that.

I really liked the edit. :smiley:

Again, too much editing not enough riding :stuck_out_tongue:

But was still nice to watch. Just not perfect.

Felix, your awesome. Fifthside was so dope and the trials were nice also. Keep it up man :smiley:

strange trial style but awesome
nice fifths too!!

haha yeah:p but i just wanted to make a short video and put in the fifthside so i think its ok isn´t it?

thx man!

yeah thx!

:roll_eyes: Crazy…awesome lines. I prefer these short snappy videos with good riding and good editing instead of the longer ones since you get bored nearer the end.
Excellent work :slight_smile:

Well done video and nice riding! Just maybe put a little more riding in it next time.:stuck_out_tongue:

your fifths look so easy, good video

i like the videos more with these other things not only riding :wink: IMO
because only riding is boring with the time

finally one who is with my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

ludwig you are the man^^

I would have preferred a video with just the one clip.
But I dunno, that’s probably just me.

I’m not saying change what your doing. I’m just telling you what I do and don’t like.

yes of course;) i just like to film something and then i try to edit it as well i can …so i´m happy about every comment,and i understand what you mean :roll_eyes: