mostorized unicycle

i thought this was pretty crazy

click here

been posted a few times… but its still crazy eveytime i watch it


still designing something sweet like that.
note the ‘designing’ and not actually ‘creating.’

it’s called the wildabeest.

That thing is freakin’ awesome! A bunch of us got to ride it in January when Trevor Blackwell brought it to a group MUni ride in Santa Cruz. Very strange to start out with, but I got it going after 5-10 minutes.

I want one.

It would look much less awkward with a bigger wheel.

it would look a hell of a lot cooler if it lost the seat, and seatpost.
just plates.

evan would have a field day with that thing, by golly jeez i tell ya whot.

ok. time for bed.

It’s like the segway of unis!:smiley: