[Mostly Street] Fun Times

I love comments :slight_smile: (even if you hate it:()

nice :slight_smile: those were some pretty bad bails!

Thanks devin!

wow jon goes big!

zach you have awesome style :smiley:


Thanks! Yea we ride together when we can, it’s so much fun. We’re like an hour drive apart though, which is kinda far, but not too far. And yea this skatepark is really fun, because it’s more of a plaza.

That was an awesome video…

Haha a lot of grinds.

nice man , wats the music ? .

why did you not grind that handrail where you treyflipped? it was so perfect…

really cool vid, I like it a lot!!
some good bails, big street,… :smiley:
and I like the music :wink:

oohhh i really like it :smiley: all the grinds were so smooth!!!

this is cool. cool grinds too

Great vid! Good variety of tricks and just an overall sweet vid :slight_smile:

We did; it just wasn’t in the video along with a bunch of other stuff, like our flatland.

The line at :38 was blind also in case no one noticed.

Great edit Zach.

That looked like a lot of fun. That skatepark looks awesome. I really like Jon’s riding style…

Keep making vids, they’re awesome. :slight_smile:


The middle by Jimmy Eat World

We’ve all done it, but it’s not so special on film when max and jon are doing 7 and 8 set handrails. It’s also in our first meet up vid at :53

lol sorry max i didnt put more in, if you hate me cause of it ill make a separate video. Or you can use it in your new vid that you’re making. I really like that one on the tennis court (ending in the donkey walk).

Thanks for the comments everyone!


No it is fine, I just wanted to see a few of my flat lines filmed on your camera again.

wow that was awesome. i loved the whole video. Zach, your trials was sick as well as the street. everybody was great.

I really enjoyed watching it :slight_smile: what is the song called?