Most Worthwhile Upgrade?

Ok heres the deal…In 2 weeks im gonna have $200 of what i like to call “Play Money”(Money i can blow). I kno its going to be something for my unis but im not sure what yet. So i need you guys to recomend something or things that would be good additions to my uni/unis

My unis are as follows right now:


Bedford Frame
Alex Rim
Luna Tire
Primo spokes
Jim C Pedals
KH Hub and cranks('03/'04 model)
Miyata CF base
Miyata post


Bedford frame
Alex rim(24")
DT Champion Spokes
IRC Kujo DH tire
Kona JS pedals
KH Hub/cranks('03/'04)
KH saddle
KH post.

So if anyone has any suggestions for the spending of my money im all ears.


that nice saddle from scot wallis for ur Muni ? u kno hmm road relief Ithink ?

I think upgrading your muni to CF would be good if you need it. I think the road relief is more than 200 though.

I havnet found any problems with my Muni saddle yet…It hasnt gotten beaten around as much as my Trials was.

Any suggestions that arent for the Muni saddle upgrade?

I was thinking maybe upgrade to a KH frame for my Trials…


Yeah…I should do that…Ill be ordering it in my next Bedford purchase. Should be some time next week…Thats not part of my “Play Money”

A kh frame would be nice but wouldn’t matter too much. A bedford is pretty light.

you could get a BC wheel. you don’t really need to upgrade anything on your muni or trials. you could also get an inexpensive freestyle uni.

how about a seat for ur uni?? unless Miyata CF base is the name of ur seat…

Miyata Carbon Fiber Base. Its a Miyata seat with a Carbon Fiber base

ohhhh i see now… u have some high quality unicycles there…

you have great unicycles composed of top-of-the-line parts.

get some beer with your ‘play money’.

donate to a charity?

buy a bunch of wood to make a trials course?

i don’t see anything that could use an upgrade of $200.

but I can imagine that a few of your friends might enjoy a nice cold one on a friday night :wink:

i know how to solve your upgrading problem just give me your trials and then start buying new stuff. that would probably be the easiest thing to do.

CF base. Noo Doot Aboot It

Put it away for a rainy day, the same rainy day that those primo spokes go wonky on you. I wouldn’t trust primo spokes too much. I was dubious when I got them but they were my only choice due to cost. Now I have bent a bunch, stripped a couple, and my wheel is so out of true that just about half an hour ago I bent the wheel over so much that it got stuck against the frame and wouldn’t spin, and that was only off a 5 foot drop, that I didn’t even land. I had to use the maidu madness method of truing to get it rideable enough to get it home.

And this wheel was built in APRIL, thats too short for a well built wheel.

Sorry I just felt like ranting, but yeah my suggestion is to put it away for a rainy day, you may not see one comming ever but thats why they are so crappy, so save for when you really need it.

what do you spend money on when it’s raining?

Rain coat to ride in the rain maybe?

get a nice pair of riding shorts and some good gloves mayby (if you don’t already have them) the save the rest for somthing uni related

Got Gloves, got riding shorts, 661s, riding shoes, helmet…I have every possible tool you can think of and some ill never need as well as a 3l CamelBak.

I think im just gonna get a new KH frame.

you should save up a bit more and get a video camera! thats what I’m getting after my trials uni