Most Users Ever 07'

so your goal is to shut down the fora at that time and get no good useful info out (its a joke)

but yeah… the fora will become un usable if everyone does it

wat time would that be in britain (GMT)??
i make it like 11:30 am is that right ??

No, it would be 12:30 AM GMT.

It will be 6:50am. :smiley:

why b/c the site will be so overloaded?

Look at the time converter

or melbourne?

tommorows the big day!

SOB! I missed it cuz I was at work for an unusual 7 hours.

this plan failed, it still says the most users online ever was on june 14th

we should set another date.

How about Dec. 25?

how about we not do it, as skrobo said, it will make the forum unusable, meaning your not going to be able to post or read or even navigate page…i think its dumb

I never notice a lag on performance when there are a few hundred people online.

But how often does that happen??? :thinking:

when there are alot of people online its says “server bussy please try your request later”

I take back what I said. After thinking about what other ppl have said about the server becoming busy, is having a new site record really worth the annoyance of a slow server? The answer is no. This is a pointless goal. Besides, most of us have better things to do with our time than linger on the forums until the most users are online.

Would the following Sunday after New Years Day be good a day???

Ive had the forum say that too me only a few time, and both times there were a small ammount of people on during that whole day.

Can we let this thread die or continue the discussion in JC?

You’re never going to beat the most users unless you also invite all the search engine spiders to participate. Until they’re on (the) board(s), it’s a lost cause.