Most Users Ever 07'

Hey everyone, I was looking at the bottom of the forums page and noticed the most ever users online at once was 970 on June 14, 07. I was thinking of getting the news out.

Everyone try to be online at 4:30 PM (mountain standard time) on December 10!!!

Tell anyone and anyone

I dont want to sound stupid although I probably will; what would that be in Eastern Atlantic time?

should be fine with me…

i think either 7:30 or 8:30… im just not ure how many hrs are inbetween the parts of the US

sound good ill try and if anyone could plz tell me if im write…for beeper’s sacke as well:D


Thanks. I’ll be on. How long should we be on for? about an hour?

my bad srry about that

sounds good… o wait i got a litlle something called skool, ehhh owell :stuck_out_tongue:

study hall???

or leave it logged on from yur house all day!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats what Ill do, and usually do anyways. =p

and the time in brisbane,australia?

or Sydney? :wink:

Why don’t make it a weekend? More people can get access. Oh, and paste a link to a time zone converter if you can :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know about everyone else’s computer, but on my computer I have to log back in after like 10 minutes if I haven’t clicked anything. However, my semester ends on December 6, so I’ll be online.

Next time you log in, check the box that says ‘remember me’ and it will stay on forever.

How do you post a link?

copy the url + paste into the message

Time converter this website will help you all convert the times!!!

everybody get one to night. TELL ANYONE AND EVERYONE!!!