Most stupid video about unicycling I've ever seen

nationalgeographic: Unicycles: One Wheel, Zero Brains

Almost everything they said in that video was wrong…

I saw that Science of Stupid episode. I particularly noted where he claimed it was impossible to ride a unicycle on a slack wire which of course is complete bs.

Ironic really considering Hammond’s own antics.

I am still waiting for the episode where they point out the stupidity of driving a jet powered car at over 460 km/hr.

It is not a surprising type of TV feature these days but it is a very big disappointment coming from National Geographic that git its reputation from scientific accuracy and not just dumb mocking.

The National Geographic Society does good stuff, as it has for over a century. The National Geographic Channel is Fox paying to use the name, and is about what you would expect from them.

Thanks Large Eddie for saying that because I’m a fan of NG. NG gives both sides of the story, but this video is only one sided, the bs side.

This has nothing to do with science, stupid or otherwise. Its just sad.

Natgeo channel is as mentioned not the same as what people expect from the magazine. They just sold the rights to use their name and logo. Watching natgeo channel for intelligent programs is as futile as turning on mtv for music videos nowadays. it is mostly scripted pseudo reality shows with some best of youtube shows aimed at whatever target group the channel has chosen. This falls under the latter, but the target group for the tv channel is not at all the same as the target group for the magazine we grew up with.

The problem I have with the video is that you can apply this template to any sport/activity and make it seem like a bad idea. Put together a video of skydiving/skateboarding/skiing/snowboarding/BMXing/road biking fails, and skydiving/skateboarding/skiing/snowboarding/BMXing/road biking suddenly seems like a terrible idea.

Personally, the video made me like unicycling ‘more’. I admired the unicyclists in the video. It’s hard to know how the typical lay-person’s attitude about unicycling may have been adjusted by the video. Some viewers may have never seen street/trials unicycling before. This exposure is a good thing, even when framed in an “epic fail” video. Did the video do more to promote or to suppress unicycling? I’d argue that it did more to promote it.

If you’re afraid of looking stupid, unicycling probably isn’t for you. That video is just going to affirm your fears of the unfamiliar. The video doesn’t change any behavior for you, because that behavior (unicycling) never existed in the first place. That leaves a more select group of would-be unicyclists…

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I feel like this was worse than your typical epic fail video. He really stressed the stupidity of unicycling rather than applauding the effort. But you may be right. Any publicity is good publicity. This could lead to more YouTube searches where they will find some good street, muni and trials videos.