Most Replies 2.0 The Reply Awakens

Friends, Most replies is not dead nor deleted, it’s dormant, hidden in the cellar of the new forum. It will get resurrected -hopefully- if the Flying Spaghetti Monster wills it and if the forum engine gets updated.
In the meantime let’s not kill the merry spirit of this glorious institution !
Let’s all try to get this one to page 2 before the end of 2020 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You can fill it as you want, but the new software closes topics when they have 10000 replies (for performances reasons) :wink:

That said, considering the current forum activity, there are several years before we reach the limit!

3rd place

Dave we have one thing in common, we don’t ride much but still linger here… I wish I could ride more, especially now that my kids have decent skills, but my knees keep reminding me how much of a bad idea my former trial habits were…

I shall miss the pagedancess with the new format, even if mine were somewhat offbeat with my 40 post pages. I wonder how many of the MRians are still here.

I have some catching up to do on sharing my random life happenings and bragging about my grandma flourishing through her 100th trip around the sun.

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Hey Eric! Yeah page dances are gone, unless we decide to have them every 10 posts. So happy for your grandma, I wish I had had mine around for so long.

Am I the one going to explain the joke? Nah … well done mate! :beers:


Cheers! I hadn’t realized one could share a beer on this new forum engine. It makes it that much superior to the old version!

Speaking of which does anymore know where the beer tube ended up? That might be a tradition worth resurrecting.

@Canapin, we got our forum back, which we all thank you for. But now we need a beer tube. Can you do something about that?

Page Dance! :beer: :beers:

Yes you can have a :beers: on your :uni: here!

Was the beer tube a feature of the old forum? :stuck_out_tongue:

The beer tube was a smallish shipping tube that carried “yeast samples” around the world.

I received some cider from @Into_the_blue, and sent a couple pilsners to @GILD. I’m not sure where it went from there.

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I got some Marmite from @Into_the_blue which ain’t beer but is yeast, and I’m pretty sure @Zzagg got some stuff as well…
I did offer a beer to @Canapin a couple of days ago…


Hey, someone mentioned my name and I got a poke about it on my Gmail account.
The beer tube was an old poster tube cut down juuust right to fit a beer bottle in.
I remember sending @Tobogganist some cheese which, fair play to the postal service, got halfway around the world and was still edible.
Things look different around here.
New carpet?


Look underneath the carpet and you might stumble upon a couple of empty bottles of stella cider…

Yes, but we kept the original color :wink:
You can mention people (they’ll receive a notification as you did) by writing @ before their username. I see you did that, but not properly since your @Tobogannist isn’t clickable.

A typo? I assume you meant @tobbogonist

Welcome back Blue! This is starting to feel like a family reunion where the cousins aunts and uncles are just trickling in.

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@GILD @ITEMNO530, where’ you guys at ?

Oops, yes, a typo.