Most northern place in US now with no snow?

Where is there no snow in the US right now for riding?

the more north/east the better :slight_smile:

Possibly VT & NH… Maybe upstate NY…

I know this is a bit off topic, but when is your DVD due for release? Have you finished the filming yet or is that why your asking for location?

There IS snow now in southern Maine, and I would expect in northern Maine too. I would also expect that most of NH and VT have snow as well. But riding in the snow is fun! Its just a new challenge, esspecially Muni. The snow shouldn’t stop you from getting out and riding!

Washington State. We are going for a MUni ride Saturday. We’ll see you then.

What’s Snow?

Spokane’s snow is melting. WE had about a foot a few days ago, which lasted for a week or two, and temps of 4-6 degrees.

But now it 28 degrees and warming up, and the snow is melting fast.

last time we got snow here was


weve never got snow here

i always thought jerrick was in australia. WA being western australia.

Nope, Spokane, WA. WA for Washington. =p

Australia would be awesome though.

northern maine has plenty of snow and the lewiston-auburn area has maybe half a foot. it pretty sweet that it’s actually been staying around. temps have been pretty frigid too, it was -6 this morning

We had some snow in NJ last week. If people think you’re crazy for riding a unicycle, you should see the looks I got riding in the snow in 28 degree weather!

I thought a few drivers were going to crash from staring so hard.


Oh yeah. It never snows in Auckland. laul

It’s melting here in Moscow and I am celebrating!!
Hurrah for spring!

i read moscow and thought russia. But wait, the snow never melts in russia. I was confused to say the least

No snow in Missoula, Montana at all, but a 10 minute drive out of (an up from) town and there’s a good bit on the ground. They don’t call us the garden city for nothing.

Seen on a bumper sticker in town the other day:

“I like Missoula, it’s 30 minutes from Montana”

If you think riding when it’s 28 gets you stared at, try riding when it’s -28F :wink: My record has been -38C I think… Next time it gets that cold, I’m going riding… so I’ll be certain :wink:

Yes, you are. All the snow in Moscow, Russia melts every year. When I was there in 1990 there was very little snow, though it was plenty cold:

No snow here in Sacramento, though I can see it up in the mountains around Tahoe!

i know, it was a joke, as it is always cold up there

by the way, nice pics. You say you were there in 90 right? Im surprised that they had a McDonalds there