most miles in week

I was wondering how many miles you have done in a week on your 36er. What is the record.
Thanks, zipper

Roger Davies and I did the UK’s End to End, Land’s End to John o’Groats, in seven days in 2009. That was 855 miles I think. It was fun in a satisfying kind of way, and also hurt quite a bit.

There isn’t an official record for weekly distance but I think this is a likely contender!


I thought you were joking, but it’s true. I looked it up. That is beyond impressive. In fact, I can’t dredge up a superlative adequate to the task of describing the feat, so instead, I’ll just sit here utterly gobsmacked… :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: Congratulations, Superman. Will you be here long? Or are you due back on Krypton soon?

That is EXTREMELY impressive. I’m awe-struck.

The most miles I’ve done in a week is 200; I have a 40 mile route that I rode for 5 days that week with 2 rest days mixed in there. I couldn’t imagine doing 4+ times that distance. Kudos!

As I remember one of the days added up to about 156 miles!

I think one needs to complete a few days of day after day steady mileage distance touring to really appreciate the magnitude of their accomplishment.

I only know a little more than the half of it a few times!


Sam, I thought we agreed that it was 864 miles in the end?

believe it or not it is actually quite hard to get the numbers exact, over that distance, even with the gps track it was not mega accurate.