Most Intense Ride EVER

Well, It was a pretty nice day yesterday, and I went on an amazing ride, so i though i’d share my experiences with you all.

It started with the contemplation whether to go for a ride or not, since I had no one to ride with, as usual. But, i put on some music, and got really psyched to ride. So, after a not so stellar start (missing an 90cm hop 3 times) I had to avoid university protection, and i guess that got the vibes going, because after that, i was unstoppable.

Everything I did was perfect. Trials lines that would take at least 30 tries, I was getting perfectly clean after 2 tries. I did a 104cm hop after about 20 tries, and pretty much felt invincible. So, I went to bank (it’s in the area) deposited a cheque, then did trials on the way to the bike store. This riding continued on as before, but now it was on sections I had never tried before. Everything was just coming together so well.

Once i got to the bike store, I ordered some parts for my new road bike, then met up with an old friend who apparently started to ride bike trials. We went on a little trials session, and while we were riding, I saw this body fly past me. It took about 10 seconds for my mind to realise what had happened. A guy who was in the bike store 2 minutes ago, got hit by a car while crossing the street. It was pretty intense, he flew about 25 feet in distance, and his trajectory apexed at around 13 feet. He landed, and rolled. His show landed right beside me. Everyone rushed over to see if he was ok. I instructed him to stay on the ground, someone started talking to him, and 911 was called. Turns out he’ll be okay, just some torn ligaments, but OUCH!

So after that, I talked to the guys at the bike sotre a little more, then decided to ride back home. On the way, the trials continued. Once again i was unstoppable, and landed a 109 cm hop on the way home. It took about 15 tries. So I was pretty stoked about that. I got home, and realised i was shaking. Just too much intensity in too little of time. my whole ride was around 3.5 hours, and so much stuff went down.

It’s really cool when you’re so “on” like i was that day. I wonder what it is that makes you ride so much better on a random day, than usual. weird.

Anyways, comments please, on anything above mentioned, whether or not you enjoyed my little story, ect.


Cool story Ryan. Man, 104cm… Wow. I want to see these lines!

That really sucks for the guy that that got hit!

Anyway, nice writeup. A quick and interesting read.

Sound like an awesome ride. To bad you couldn’t film it :smiley: .

109cm! :astonished: What is your record height?

25 feet down and thirteen feet up? The car must have been going pretty fast. That guy has to to be luckiest person ever.

It’s also nice to hear how many tries it takes you to get something. Just watching your videos makes it seem like you land every thing first try. :stuck_out_tongue:

That sounds like such an awesome day. I had one of them a couple weeks ago, I was getting three sidewalk stone long coasts, and I learned how to backflip. Those days are awesome. I always know I have had a great day when I’m shaking like that, I love sitting on the bus on the way home after a great ride, my hands shaking and some good tunes in my ears.

Next time you want to go out for a ride and want someone to ride with give me a shout, I’m pretty much always free for a ride, and I also tend to be doing my riding alone. Either that or you should join us on our weekend rides, they are always lots of fun, and from the sounds of it you could show us some pretty sweet spots.

Ok, here’s what you are going to do. Have another random awesome day. Bring your camera. Make an awesome Ryan Atkins trials video. End of story.


:astonished: 109 cm :astonished:
Dammm Ryan, you keep amazing me.
Watch out or you’ll break your frame again :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, keep pushing you’r limits Ryan.


that is so awesome.

after about 8 tries I landed a 4 pallet high sidehop. It was awesome:D

109 cm, thats awesome!

yeah, i find that those days of perfection, where every trials line you try including ones you have been trying for months without being able too come almost naturally (if one naturally rode a uni). I think it’s what makes trials riding worth it, when it all comes together the balance, power and technique. Well worth those days and days where you can’t land a thing. i think it would be something like fencing, where you practice practice practice and don’t see any real improvement then you “peak” and all of a sudden you can do anything and understand it all. it’s hard after the peak… what do you do… personally i work towards another day like that when you are invinceable. in anycase great write up! if it wasn’t wet again here in Victoria i would go do some natural trials. but since it is i am off to go do some MUNI!


did you get like a click feeling while you were riding

cuz that kinda happens to me, i get this weird feeling, then i can do the most unbelievable stuff for me annyway and i can hop higher, do bigger drops and basicly i can do stuff twice as good as before…its really weird

and i can always tell, when i do a line of some sort which i see and have never done before and just, do it, like when i hopped up these walls onto a 4ft high skinnie/fatty…rolling hopped over a bottle on the wall…and kinda did a shiftie tyre grab at the end…i was extatic when i landed (heh…i screamed:D)

i got run over by a car once wort thing thats ever happend to me
broken kneecap
2 snapped tendons
3 torn ligments
4 pulled musles
2 torn musles
counless cuts on my arms legs knees
1 ruined pair of pants
1 lost shoe

I clicked on the first day of LA muni weekend. it was the Tahoe rim trail, and it was awesome. I was doing big techi drops and I landed like a feather. I could hop higher than I normally could, and I was sticking to everything like glue. It’s what makes uniing worth it…

Wait you have one awesome day and tell everyone about it. I can tell you haven’t ridden much lately. Good riders that ride alone when they ride have good days when they go out with a set mind. Hopefully with cams.

you go ahead and get some 109cm hops from NOT RIDING MUCH

absolutely awesome and insane … good job ryan

Vert is mostly in jumping strength. I’m sure some bball player after a few short lessions in form, and some background in riding, would be jumping the highest. Vert is nothing anymore.

uhh no

Jumping is much more than it seems, i rode for over 2 years before i even “invented” jumping on a unicycle and then it took like 2 weeks to get up a curb, and I was doing it with pretty good form

now, hopping high does have a little to do with vertical leap, but it has just as much to do with mindset and comfortability with jumping that high. tires help too

was he wearing a helmet?:stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiley:

You lost a shoe?
Just one of them?
That sucks.
What did you do with the other shoe?


i hit people with it