Most impressive trick

What are the most impressives unicycle tricks you have seen (picture, video or live)?

I tried the search function a little but didn’t get any similar results so I hope I haven’t overlooked another thread like this.

For me it is:

  1. Julien Money: Saddle stand up
  2. Adrien Delecroix: Front flip
  3. Mark Fabian and Joe: 130cm up
  1. Adrien Delecroix: Front flip
  2. shaun johanneson: sejflip
  3. Mark Fabian and Joe: 130cm up
  4. Adrien Delecroix: 900°unispin
  5. Krisz?: Quad flip

but what is a Saddle stand up ?? :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue:

Spencer Flip. I win.

  1. Frontflip : Adrien
  2. Coast while standing on saddle : Julien
  3. 130cm : Mark and Joe

@tim_desmet there is a thread about a video of Julien where he is coasting while he is standing on the seat.

btw. what is a sejflip?

  1. 900 Unispin - Adrien Delecroix
  2. SEJ flip - Shaun Johanneson
  3. Quad flip - Kovacs Krisz & Loic Baud

Those are my 3 favourite “most impressive tricks”.


ow shit!! :astonished: that’s awesome !!!
and a sej flip is an 720°unispin with a crankflip… (sevenflip) :roll_eyes:

Inverted riding of Ultimate Wheel (handstand) on slackrope.

I win.

Wish I’d seen it live, though.

1: Late fifthbackflip - Luc
2: Sejflip- Shaun J
3: 900 Unispin -Adrien

Frontflip - Adrien D
900 Unispin - Adrien D
Fifth doubleflip - Adrien D
Fifthvarial - Thibault
Out Fifth - Elliot H
Quadflip - Loic B
Varial tripleflip - Krisz
Late fifth backflip - Luc
Fifthsideflip - Raphael P
720 sidespin - Adrien D

Just knock out 2 birds with one stone and say peles outside fifthflip (or out fifth sideflip for you weirdos).

Everyone forgot skrobos world record long jump :roll_eyes:

To me sejflip is just rubbish. Can you honestly tell me that you are able to tell the difference between it and a 7spin?

The tricks in Any Terrain’s post are all good(I’ll spare you my version of that list), but I don’t really care for the fast flips. 720 sidespin is pretty cool.

I wouldn’t expect to see inverted UW slacklining in anything but a performance.

Coasting standing on the seat still wins for me.

Adrien Delecroix’s Frontflip. Hands down. :slight_smile:

That’s an interesting comment. Would it be more, or less impressive if performed in front of five kids at a skatepark?

Surely he had to practice it (a lot) without an audience, but the guy who did that trick was a professional performer, so the end goal was to do it for an audience. However, based on what I read about it, he didn’t perform it for long, because apparently the audience didn’t seem to appreciate the danger and risk based on their reaction, so he stopped performing it. Kind of like why professional performers jump rope on unicycles instead of coasting. Coasting doesn’t get any audience response!

I can. Very easily.

And thank you Brendan :slight_smile:

I think the ultimate wheel handstand thing, the frontflip and the stand on seat coast are all on the same level to me. They are all things that you will never see day to day, will never catch on, and are more performance material than standard tricks. They are also all in a league so far beyond any other unicycle tricks, in the amount of dedication it would take to learn them, and the type of training involved is so specialized as well.

Well I consider most of Pele’s tricks just normal because that is how he does them anyway, easier that way for him.
And it didn’t look as smooth as Elliot’s out fifth IMO.

Edit: Same reason why I put Elliot’s Out Fifth and Thibault’s fifthvarial.
Thibault’s = impresive
Elliot’s = smooth

Maybe it’s not that I’m better at in-in or in-out tricks, maybe it’s that out-out or out-in tricks are harder for me than for most people?

Ever thought of that? :wink:

Which makes Out tricks easier…

Emile learned treyflips before he learned hickflips… Just because it was easier for him doesn’t mean that when he does treyflips, they are less impressive than hicks.