Most important part/parts of Trial riding?

What is the most important part/parts of trial riding! I would like any tips on how to become a beter trial rider!!:slight_smile:

Thanks for all the comments, Cam

I would say not falling off.

I would also say not getting hurt, but that seems a lot less important to many Trials riders.

Clothing, hands down. How you look is much more important than your physical capabilities.

lol, big jumps? good skinnie riding stuff like that.

Comb+UPD=Freestyle ?

Give us some more info.

What can you do now?

Other riding styles you’re interested in?

having a pimp unicycle. It’s all about the pose. And make sure your tan is good. Tan lines where your gloves are just look amateur

Having a NUTs thong helps too.

i disagree, i believe that you skill/determination to get skill is far more important than look.

Finally, eight replies in, and someone gives some solid advice!

Adder is right: trials takes lots of determination.

We’ve seen many riders with many styles… seat in, seat out, hops left, hops right, dominant foot forward or back. It just goes to prove there is no one way to ride.

What goes unspoken are the hundreds of hours of practice that makes for a great rider. The dozens of failures on the most basic trials lines that lead to the ultimate success.

To reiterate Adder’s post, a trials rider must be determined: keep attacking your lines until you conquer them. Keep riding the lines you’ve conquered them until you’ve mastered them. Can you ride them backwards? Seat in and seat out?

The second most important part of trials is an open mind. Don’t let failure convince you that you can’t do something. Don’t think you’ve tried every way to get across a line. Sometimes a day or two of rest is all you need… maybe you’ll figure out the line in your sleep, and clean it the next time you try!

My first trials line was the curb on the edge of the sidewalk. Hop up, ride along the edge for 10 feet, hop down. It’s a line I ride every day I’m on my unicycle… it never gets old.

well maestro has pretty much summed it up, determination is the key to success! who gives a crap what you look like, as long as you have fun and are determined to do it!

If at first you don’t succeed try again so many times that you either succeed or die trying.

Having a Koxx XTP uni?

going round town with a tape measure.


Fun is the best trials skill!

Balance is the most important riding skill in trials.

If you can hop high but have poor balance you will fall off of odd angles. If you can gap huge, but can’t balance you will be stuck riding giant pallets forever.

Balance is key, not just riding skinnies but pedal grabs, standstills, being able to almost sit down on the tire and stand up again.

This kind of stuff is always helpful, unlike many of the people on this forum apparently.