Most fun way down: Berlin

Made a little Muni video on my “home trail”, hope you enjoy.



Great job on the riding and the video, I liked how you ended on the upd and tied it in with the music.
“home trail?” did you make that yourself?


Record and edit gear

Very cool. I just tried an off-road downhill run yesterday. Very small grass hill. Just to see if I had any chance of making it happen. Up to this point I had only ever rode on asphalt and concrete. First attempt I came off several times. Then, made three clean runs. It was a thrill.
I’m Curious what your recording and editing gear is. How much time do you have in actual ride time compared to your set up time to record ? And then how much time does it take to edit and complete the finished video ? That is a fun video. thanks for sharing. Jeff c

Thank you guys!

The trail is run and built by a local club, unfortunately I had no part in the making of it, but I might in the future.

I use a Sony HDR-CX130 camcorder, and a medium sized tripod, both fit in my backpack without issue and don’t bother me on light terrain, I take it of for the more difficult stuff when I’m carrying the tripod, but if I only bring the camera I don’t worry about it and keep it on for almost everything. The camcorder is perfect for my purposes, good Image quality, decent stabilisation, and very good in low light situations compared to something like a Gopro, also having a zoom is a great feature.
The filming of this has been very exhausting, and took about 2 hours with nearly no breaks, I’d say, where riding the whole trail usually takes 3 minutes. I filmed a lot of segments multiple times until I was happy with it, overall I collected 30 mintes or so of footage, most of it being me running up the hill after I started the camera…
The editing took maybe 3 hours, I used Sony Vegas. Editing is easy if you have a clear timeline and not too many throwaway as with this project, I’d say getting all the cuts at the right time and matching the music took 1,5 hours, the other 1,5 hours I spend on stuff like the logo, and color correcting the clips.

Good luck qith your Muni adventures Kwikkash, it’s certainly a lot of fun.

Great video, great riding, and what a beautiful place to ride! Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:

Cool video, great riding beautiful place to ride! :sunglasses:

Great video :+1: