Most fun I have ever had on unicycle

Riding on the beach…

Done that too. It is quite fun, riding through the water. But riding through soft sand is impossible. Don’t forget to wash your uni.

Looks like fun. I was at the beach today at low tide. I was eying the nice firm sand. Too bad my Hatchet wasn’t with me.

It’s very possible, either with the right amount of slope, or with a wide enough tire. But beware of this (see #1):

Definitely good advice for salt water!

Seeing the picture reminded me of years back, when I was broomstick handle jousting, on 20" unicycles at work one day. I was unseated after getting the other chap off first. I teetered for ages trying hard to retain balance on the cycle, but alas, a weird UPD followed, I tried to run it off, but unfortunately, I fell sideways, landed softly, but in about 5" of collected rainwater. I have to say, the entire game was great fun, laughs a minute, but a soaking put the dampers on the proceedings.
I had forgotten all about that, so thanks for reminding me…!!

Great picture, madams! Just for kicks, a friend and I tried to see how far we could get through a sand volleyball pit last Friday with our munis. I knew it would be futile, but I didn’t think it would be THAT futile! I think my best attempt with a running start on firm ground was one and half feet before face planting in the sand. My 3" wide tire was no match for that deep, dry sand, but it was a lot of fun!

Followed the link with you riding the dune. That was awesome! If the sand was up to your hub, I can’t see how you would have been able to pedal (or did you just slide down?). Either way, that’s pretty cool!

Reminds me of a time when some Santa Cruz riders offered Chris Reeder a case of beer if he could ride (pedal) across a beach volleyball court at De la Veaga Park there. It took him many attempts, with him lowering his tire pressure a little bit more each time. Finally, when he got it down to what he said was 11 psi, he made it across! Chris Reeder used to make the Reeder handles, where attached to the front bolts of older saddle when no other manufactured handles were on the market. This incident probably happened in 2001, so he probably had a tire no wider than 2.4". 3" tires make a big difference, so I imagine your volleyball court has some very soft, fine sand in it.

Speaking of soft, fine sand, Long Island has a lot of it. Those dunes weren’t quite as fine and luxurious as the beaches along the south shore, but still pretty fine and loose. So as long as you kept the wheel turning, the unicycle would keep moving downward. Then you mostly just had to steer. :slight_smile:

At the end, Bradley and I dumped large piles of sand out of our shoes! This was a 20" Miyata with 1.75" tire at high pressure (if you have a 1.75 tire you pretty much have to ride high pressure to do anything).

Now that you mention it, I’ll bet tire pressure played a part in it. Since I was going to be riding mostly on concrete that night, I did pump up the tire on my muni higher than I normally do. I might give it another try next time we’re out there. Maybe I can even get the trials and flatland guys and gals to join us, but they’re young, so they probably don’t want to get dirty. :slight_smile:

Very fun and very doable!
Not too long ago I was out on Ocean Beach in San Francisco with my 36er, climbing the hill to the Cliffhouse and riding the waterline at the beach. At the waterline just before the water or about 6-8" of spashing waves is the deepest I can go before I get wiped out by it. As long as you dont go past that depth and the sand is considerably firm you can ride for miles. But it gets tricky as you’re in water because of the dizzying effect of the ground surrounding you moving, not to mention little dogs chasing me. I had this this dog chasing me for a good time, it was fun, but as dizzy as I was, I didnt want to UPD and have my huge wheel land on top of him.

Just be sure to THOUROUGHLY wash your wheel. My old KH had some rust, and the ride eventually rusted out resulting in two broken spokes.

I dont think I want to risk that with my new KH29er, especially with the rabbit hole rim which can collect some sand and sloshing water.