Most frusterating trick to learn.

What trick did you get the most frusterated on but now can do.

Mine would have to be free mounting.

Mine would have to be wheel walking. I’m kind of working on one foot WW and that’s frustrating AND I can’t do it yet.

Backwards wheel walking. That one took me for-frigging-ever.

That’s only if we count the ones we’ve actually learned. If not, I could add the dreaded hand wheel walk, among many others…

hmm… thought provoking!

there arent any isolated tricks by themselves that I have learned to do yet that were that frustrating. but the most frustrating thing I have ever done would have to be my first linked trick. It was a jump mount to seat out front (with the uni itself backwards), then a 180 unispin to seat out front to 180 unispin to another 180 unispin to regular riding. that combo took me a LOOOOOOONNNNGGGG time to finally get consistently. apart form that, it would have to be the unispins itself. though not the most frustrating, just the pedal bite and missing the pedals, smacking your nuts off the seat horn or something like that. or you could go the route of ANYTHING on a unicycle is frustrating. because most of the time, it is.

The one that took me the longest to learn would be riding.

Other than that, though, would be gliding. It’s crazy, I could nearly do it about a week ago but now it seems to be gone. I just can’t do it anymore. GRRRRRR!

Wheel walking, which I’m still a hack at. My problem is that it’s so freakin’ boring to practice that it might take me years to master (if ever) at this rate (5 minutes’ practice a week–max). No matter how hard trials or MUni moves are, most are exciting to practice. The grim freestyle moves seem to require predernatural patience, but ain’t they fun once you’ve got them wired!


the hardest trick for me was backwards. i hadn’t learned to idle yet, and it was really frustrating. i kept falling off backwards and landing on my tailbone :frowning:

the easiest trick i’d say was the kickup mount. anybody that can ride can do a kickup. you just gotta get your feet in the right place, and go for it. no worries.


Probably for me it was side-hopping, not the trials kind but when you hop one-footed and your whole body is on one side of the uni, a freestyle move.

Right now, I am having the hardest time getting up to rubber from a crank hang or pedal grab.

It also took me the longest time to be able to ride my coasting unicycle, and I don’t think I even can any more.

If you want to get into juggling (like, who does???) it was probably doing what I think is called “the box”, which is like the shower except each throw you change directions of the pattern. I hope to perfect this trick at the 2004 Seattle International Juggling Festival.

If you want to get into violin, (mike_foote and Kris Holm) it was definately getting a harmonic on the “E” string. Now I can do it while I ride my 6-footer!!

Only if you guys want to get into it, tho.

Does that mean you have a uni with a freewheeling hub?

Also, I’d say WW.

WW and I’m still working on it

I think the hardest for me was the last part of crankgrabs. For freestyle it was probably the kickup mount, which I learned in a day, but never got consistent. The absolute hardest was getting a good tone on my flute, which I still haven’t gotten consistent. Wheelwakling and 1fww took a kinda long time, but felt like they were progressing fast, so they weren’t frustrating. On the other hand, I never actually felt like I progressed towards crankgrabs, they just happened after three months’ of frustration. Then, I lost them, and then I got them back. Pedalgrabs also sucked.

I’ve only learned one trick solidly, riding forward. Idling is getting better every day…well, every other day.

I’m gonna have to say wheel walking, i’ve been working on it for quite a long time and progress seems to be very slow.

One foot riding.

Still failing far too often after 3 or 4 revs, but too proud to mount a hose clamp on the frame… .


Wheel Walking, although I’m beginning to find one foot WW very frustrating too, at least with regular WW I felt that I was constantly improving. Very slow with OFWW :frowning:


i spent months on these, but now i own that 20 inch hop, oh yeah!!!

currently getting frustrated with 25 inches…

Freemounting.It came.It stayed.It’s gone away and finally returned…
leaving feeling of doubt.:o On reflexion at some stage my understanding of it was back to front.

Which harmonic was it? (I play violin too, have been doing so for about 6 years). Harmonics are probably hardest on the e string. Its also really hard to play sequnces of harmonics. It’s really hard to “stick” harmonics one after the other.

By the way…i never knew Kris Holm played the violin. Is he good?

Anyway the most frustating tricks for me are backwards wheel walk and coasting. I’m still learning both of these. My best for each is about 10m. Side ride took my ages to get anywhere but i didn’t find it frustrating coz it was fun learning it for some reason.

Lots of violin and banjo player/riders. We ought to start a unicycling bluegrass band.

for me its gotta be freemounting the giraffe…

i still cant do it, and im gonna need to grow another foot or so before i can, so itll take about 2 years :frowning: