most critical, yet most difficult skill to perform for beginning unicyclists

What is the most basic skill that a beginner must learn?

I tell beginners that being able to turn the wheel smoothly and with control is the most important thing they have to learn.

Please share your thoughts for teaching beginners.

how about mouting the unicycle and then riding for more than 10 feet

I think that the “most basic skill” is the ability to ride. But I think that’s not what you were referring to.


I think that freemounting is the most critical for beginners. I know of several riders whose progress is held back because they must have assistance mounting. Those who master the freemount early on usually progress at a much faster pace.

For unicyclist who have not yet mastered the ability to simply ride the unicycle I think the following are important:

  • weight on seat
  • sit up straight
  • smooth pedalling
  • forward lean

Ultimately, however, I think each person learns in different ways so to try and say that any one thing is the MOST important is difficult.


Of course just riding is the most important but other than that I think freemounting and turning. Not being able to turn made things very hard for me in the beginning.

I remember when I was just learning to ride, years ago, my buddie and I each had a unicycle. We learned how to mount it and ride forward, in a parking lot, by placing the wheel against a concrete curb stop that we were standing on. This made mounting very easy (because you’re standing 6-8 inches above the ground that the wheel is on) and launching from the curb was mastered in short order.

However, it then became very apparent that, much like skiing, the most ciritcal and most difficult skill to perform was “stopping”. :wink:

Smooth pedalling and keeping even pressure on the pedals. It is difficult and also very important. Good way to acheive this is to train all your skills with both feet.

I’m gonna go with 720 Unispin.

I think the hardest part actually for me was the skill of persuasion and how to find some way for them to get me a uni

I think the one I try to stress on people is to “stick with the wall.” Riders who are tempted to fly free, into the open, usually end up wasting a lot of time. I know this method works for some riders, but for the most part, sticking to a wall or other support until you get the basic balance and pedaling motions down will serve you later.

This obviously, as a step toward basic straight-line riding, which comes before turning and mounting.

Well, I never knew there were all these ‘skillz/tricks’ to learn.

So, I was ‘just riding’ for 35 years.

The hardest skill for me was freemounting.
I got more injuries from learning that than learning to ride.

I am going to have to go with idleing and backwards. They both seem to be very helpful to me…


I am going to have to go with idleing and backwards. They both seem to be very helpful to me…


I think that freemounting made the biggest difference to me. Even if when my turns were poor, I could get back on and start again. Thinking about it, my turns are still quite poor!


If they are interested in trials or muni, hopping should definetly be pretty high on the list.

Learning free-mounting was the biggest thing for me. It gave me the freedom to go on long rides without worrying about finding a support for re-mounting.

#1 tip for beginning riders

For the gentlemen riders: “Tuck 'em in”

For the lady riders: “Tuck 'em in”

'nuff said.

Definitely Freemounting.

followed by: witty comebacks.


man, me too. except on a smaller scale. more like 6 months for me that i was ‘just riding’. i have been doing catch up for like 8 months now and i think ive made up for lost time.


besides freemounting, not crushing yourself when mounting the unicycle, actually, not EVER crushing yourself, this goes moslty for male riders… that would by far be the most important skill to learn

Hopping, definately. Easier than idling for staying in place, and it gives you the ability to recover from which might otherwise be spills. You can go up and down curbs easily, and it’s cool.

Also, learning maintanance and repairs on the uni.