most comfortable saddle?

I just recieved my torker 20" and I am very pleased. However, that torker seat is killing me! It feels like it is to small, I keep sliding towards the front of it, and the front is very small.

What do you all think is the most comfortable saddle? I don’t have a lot of money so the expensive air pillow saddles are out of question. Are the viscount saddles good? how about miyata? thanks.

There are quite a few threads on this subject. The general consensis is Roger Davies carbon fiber seat base, with Wilder brackets, air pillow, small amount of foam with Roach cover.

For the monitarly chalanged, the dog bone pillow to hold the tube could be whiped out on a sewing machine. If you use vinal/leather for the cover, you ether need a buff industrial machine- or an awl- which is cheep.

My air seat cost me $10 in materials… but as they say- you get what you pay for. The Viscount seat I used as a base is a crotch rocket.

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well, I went to wal-mart to see what I could conjure up. I bought a gel seat cover for a bicycle. I thought, well, my torker saddle isn’t all that big maybe it will work. And guess what? It did!

I had to really work with it for a while though, but it fit. I had to take off the plastic pieces on the front and back. the cover I bought was 10 bucks and made by Bell. Not to bad considering I have a gel seat now. I don’t know why a unicycling company hasn’t tried to market those. With a really good sadle, gel seat and air pillow it would really be the stuff!!!

i recently bought a torker and found the seat, how you say, pinchy. anywho i have a buncha uni friends, and they have miata seats with air tubes in them instead of foam. AH HA hwere does the foam go?? well to me of course, i duct taped on the saddle shaped piece of faom and vuala no mor mista pinchy. it also earned the name, the “getto rida”,

the maita seat is awsome. you can buy a 12-16 inch iner tube for it and take off the covcer and take out the foam and them put the iner tube in and then put the cover on and GASP ask somone else cause you also gotta do this thing with a drill for the valve stem, but that hole thing is like 60$.

i am no longer witty or clever

Ditto on going back into the forums and researching this topic. It has come up a few times in the last 6 months.

According to, the torkers come with a kid sized seat, so that might be part of the problem.

I have a viscount on my 20" United and a miyata on my Semcycle XLW.

Viscount - nearly as long as the miyata seat(with handle), but narrower in the crotch. Padding is more firm. When I ride the viscount, I don’t have the latteral support(crotch width) of the Miyata, so it feels like it swings more left to right and seems to need more finess to control uni. Padding sucks for riding more than twice around the block.

Miyata, - great handle, wider in the cortch and feels more snug, because it kind of cradles you better. You feel like your held. Seems to give more control latterally. Padding sucks on any rides longer than around the block.

I copied some hints from an earlier posting on this subject onto WORD and I will post back to this forum. I had a similar question earlier on, but decided it wasn’t a big deal, because I went back to learning to gap and hop so I am not on top of the Uni that much.

Here they are:
If your Miyata is like mine, you already have a suitable cover. Those
covers are only held on by metal clips, easily taken off and re fitted
with the help of a pair of long nose pliers. Inside you will find (
probadly) a big chunk of foam and a sheet of thin foam. Remove the big bit
of foam. find a thin bit of foam ( camping mat is good) to cut to shape
and cover the saet base with ( this should protect the inner tube and if
you get a flat saddle makes it a tad less painfull) Drill a hole in the
saet base where you want the value to emerge. Fold inner tube to fit the
shape of the saddle, cover with the thin sheet of foam that was in the
saddle before, tape that thin sheet to the seat base, replace outer cover
and clip it on again. Pump up air saddle. Ride it and realise you have put
too much air in so let some out till its comfy. Enjoy.

like what max did i too made a little airseat conversion with a 12x2.25 tube and it works good enough for me for directions on how to do the conversion go to then go to projects and it is about half way down good luck and thanks to nick for the airseat conversion directions thanks man!

Good luck!