Most Comfortable Saddle for a Woman?

Hello - I’ve come back to unicycling after a long absence. I purchasaed a Torker DX to ride a a local trail and you know just around. I would like to pourchase the most comfortable saddle money will buy. The Miyata air saddle seems to be highly recommended by the site. But was wondering what you all with practical experience could tell me.

Thank you!


KH Fusion or KH Gel. I am not convinced of the benefits of an air saddle. It only felt comfortable sitting on it, but durring the ride didn’t give enough support on the sitbones, so it was always painful.

the torker dx seat basicly is a KH fusion, the cover just doesnt come off like the fusion.

you have a very comfpy seat, your just getting back into to so any seat is going to make you sore really. the one you have super plush compared to the one on the LX for example.

Good point, I was thinking she had an LX. The DX seat is very comfy. If you havn’t ridden it yet, you’ll be pleased, comparred to seats that were available years ago.

Most comfortable saddle for a woman? What sort of a forum is this? Women should be treated with respect. This is 2005.

However, if you feel my view is a little too modern and ultra-Liberal, at least buy her one with a padded girth and adjust it so that it doesn’t slip when she breathes in.

Also, try loosening the seatbolts that hold the seat on, and slide the seat all the way forward so it tips back.

Dont overtighten the bolts, make them snug and a little more.

Hello Becky,
I am sure you just need to get used to sitting in the saddle again. I have an air seat with a carbon fiber base. I think it is nice but if I sit for too long it becomes a bit uncomfortable. My style of riding has me out of the seat a lot so it is rarely an issue. Most of our rides are pretty technical so I am out of the seat to hop, hill climb or to put myself back on the muni. We stop so often to attempt natural trials that it rarely bothers me anymore. If your name ( Jerseygirl ) implies you live in NJ let me know. I ride with a small group and we are always looking for new riders. We ride in Ramapo and Boonton and Glenn Ridge to name a few towns. Mostly North Jersey. You can email me at brian at if you are interested and you live in the area.

I’ve never been a girl so I can’t say that my recommendations for comfortable saddles apply to you. For me, the best combination is an airseat with a tilt rail adapter so the front can be tilted way up. The pelvic structure of girls and boys differ. For boys it seems counter-intuitive that the front of the saddle should tilt up because it looks as if more pressure would be applied to the genitals. Actually, tilting the front up makes the rider rock back on their pelvis and more pressure is applied to the back of the pelvis. On an airseat this is quite comfortable (or, rather, less uncomfortable) as it spreads the load quite a bit.

Mike you’ve always been too PC for me.

you might wanna try the kh gel seat… if that dosent work id go with an air seat

Re: Most Comfortable Saddle for a Woman?

On Thu, 29 Sep 2005 15:24:29 -0500, “harper” wrote:

>I’ve never been a girl


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Hi Becky
As the only genuine woman to reply thus far, might I suggest that you leave the saddle as is and invest in a decent pair of cycling shorts. They are pricey, depending on the shop you will have to INSIST that they show you the women’s version rather than being fobbed off with the men’s version, but will make any saddle more comfortable.

I wear mine under jeans and they are marvellous. Others will suggest that you ignore the shorts and get bib shorts, but as women’s shorts are fitted to the waist as opposed to the men’s version which has added elastic the uncomfortable bunching at the waist is pretty much eliminated.


[QUOTE=Klaas Bil]
On Thu, 29 Sep 2005 15:24:29 -0500, “harper” wrote:

>I’ve never been a girl…LIAR!..

well…Klaas says it so i have to belive it.

Which seat would put more weight on the butt

Hello, its Jerseygirl again. Thanks to everyone for your ideas.

Reading them I would I realzed that I should have mentioned that I am looking for a seat which would put me sitting on my butt instead of my privates. I’m not sure but I think guys and girls have this same difficulty to some degree looking at the way they design bike seats these days.

Any ideas?

Thanks again,

I like my air converted miatya saddles for distance riding. I use a standard Viscount saddle for hockey and freestyleish riding. my air saddles i did my self i use a 18 inch tube folded in a way that puts two ridges of tube along the long sides of the saddle and two loops at the back, that seems to surport where I want it pretty well.
mind you after 20 miles any saddle is a little uncomfy and i need to stand up to let the blood back to the bits.



I do make saddles that fit your description. There is a wait for delivery at this time but if you would like to discuss it, email me at scott (at)
You can see a photo of it at Product Preview , scroll to the bottom.


Forestunifreak suggested that you loosen the seat bolts and put the seat forwards as far as it will go (so the front is as tilted as it gets). You could also do what I do and add something underneath the front two bolts- I’ve got some tractor innertube rubber on mine- raising the front a little bit more. I’ve heard of people bending the seatpost bit where it attaches but I’ve never been daring enough to try. Harpers suggestion of the rails adapter would also suit your needs. The rails adapter allows you to adjust the tilt, but it is more expensive to set up and requires a seat with rails (CF airseat comes to mind). I found the airseat + foam combo to be quite satisfactory - still got a bit sore sometimes but it was fairly comfy and the rigid base was unlike any other seat I’ve used. The KH ones are nice but they are no way near as rigid- not allowing as much force to be used on the handle.

Re: Most Comfortable Saddle for a Woman?

On Thu, 29 Sep 2005 15:24:29 -0500, “harper” wrote:

>I’ve never been a girl


Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“Unicycling is like glue: you have to stick with it, and it’s not to be sniffed at - Mikefule”

in my experience the saddle usually slips when she breathes out, not in. i’ll have to try the padding trick.

i have a torker lx when i bought it i got an air saddle kit and i love it its is really nice and i am a girl to :slight_smile: