Morning Session II

Morning Session II:

filming and editing were amazing,dont think the song fits that kind of scenery.Riding was nice also


It was strangely super crisp, maybee like you were added in later. Also you and the uni were the only things in focus most of the time. :thinking: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

I’ve only seen that effect in one other video (a footbag vid). IMO worked superbly in both:D

That might be the best quality unicycle video I’ve ever seen! So sharp and clear! The riding and editing were also really good.

I enjoyed watching this vid. I know i’m repeating what was said above but it’s a really good quality video and great riding too!

what camera do you guys use? and what lens?
absolutely amazing, you got that 540 hoptwist so smooth, and there were no out of place correction hops or anything. awesome. :smiley:

Thanks folks!

We use a panasonic camera and we have not added the vignette effect in the editing. We only did som colour correction.



EDIT: What panasonic camera? :smiley:


Really sweet little film there. It had a very surreal feel to it, even more so with the contrast between the type of riding you did and the type or riding associated with that location (muni).

How did you create that shallow depth of field? and the vignetting?

I love all of your edits, keep making them! It was sick riding with you guys at EUC too. :slight_smile:

How did you create that shallow depth of field? and the vignetting?