Morning session - Erik Kylander

love it! how’re you liking the gravity for flat? :slight_smile:

It’s awesome :smiley: I cant do scuffcoasts very conscistant tho =/

ha thats nice dude but i would love it even more if you would change the camera angles they are weird i only see your wheel . i dont like that …
;)and dubstep s getting popular… nice job servus

Yea, i knw the angles sucks :wink: I can’t have the camera in a better position than these beacuse my sellar is really small =/

Solution: Wideangle lens or fisheye lens :slight_smile:

yeh, i’ve been trying to find a fisheyelens for my camera but i have to glue something on first and then find a lens in correct size and stuff…

I dont know mutch about lenses and stuff liike that.

But i’m probably going to buy a canon 550D+lenses when i can afford it ^^

I didn´t see this until now erik! Editen imponerade på mig, och rullarna är myc ket högklassiga nuförtiden.