Morning routine

Following on from Most Replies 2.0, where coffee :coffee: was mentioned, it got me wondering what people’s morning routines are like in this pandemic era.

We’ve got ourselves a coffee machine so I’m now chief coffee maker in the morning as the gf hasn’t quite got the hang of it yet.

I really should get into the habit of going for a ride or something similarly good at getting me going but right now I just tend to sit down after I’ve made the coffee and there I stay until I realise I’ve forgotten to make breakfast.


That’s some serious coffee machine and fancy looking latte. Here’s a picture and an extensive description of my breakfast routine :

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No breakfast? :open_mouth:
I get pretty grumpy mid morning if I don’t have breakfast.

I appreciate the kind but unjustified comments about the latte - I’m very much still learning to get the (oat) milk right and the art to look like anything more than a weird blob or a wonky phallus but every so often I seem to get it right.
We’ve always been fans of a latte and this is about the most basic you can go (on a budget) for the machine and still have some options for grinding beans, pulling a proper shot, and foaming milk. It was quite expensive, but so’s coffee out (that we’re not doing any more) and I did find it second hand so it didn’t cost anywhere near as much as they do when they’re new.

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It still looks impressive to me, but I ain’t no coffee nerd.
As far as I’m concerned nothing enters my temple before noon, sometimes later, apart maybe a glass of water or two.
I started doing that like a year ago and it’s been a huge improvement in my life. I’ve never been a fan of breakfast and I realized I really don’t need it, despite all the praise and recommandations I’ve heard about it.

I’ve always been quite light on the evening meal so without breakfast I think I’d be struggling, although I’ve been well fed over the last few months as the gf’s much better at cooking than she is at making coffee so maybe I’d be OK.

Cool machine, what brand is that?
I’ve been trying to do latte art for fun but always failed. Then I realized that it didn’t alter the taste.

I tried doing no breakfast, a colleague does it - only has a glass of warm lemon juice. But I just can’t function on an empty stomach.

It’s a Sage machine, sold elsewhere as Breville. They sold off the rights to the Breville name in the UK some time ago so UK Breville products are not from the same company. This coffee machine specifically is the Barista Express.

Latte art is mostly in the micro-foaming of the milk. If you get it right then it naturally forms something quite distinct when you pour it (that with a little effort you can make into art), but if you get it wrong it’s either warm milk, or something frothy approaching a cappuccino. What you do to the milk does make quite a difference to the taste of the drink though, even if the art doesn’t!

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The lemon juice is a killer it ignites hunger. Even tea is a torture for me, water is the only thing I’m confortable with

My breakfast is always the same, whether there is a pandemic or not.
A smoothie (sort of…) with the following ingredients:

  • Coconut milk :coconut:
  • Peanut butter :peanuts:
  • Banana :banana:
  • Vanilla flavored whey :muscle:
  • Soy milk :milk_glass:

Delicious. :drooling_face:

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I read my local newspaper (the online version) and drink a coffee. Since I’m totally grumpy and unable to do anything before I had a cup of black, strong :coffee: it’s either my wife or the timer of the filter machine who prepares it for me.

I have lots of ways to prepare coffee but it doesn’t include a fancy espresso maker because even though I like espresso the amount of liquid you get always depresses me. With an espresso machine I have to fill the piston several times until I’m happy with the amount of coffee I get.

However, :coffee: is all I need, no breakfast for me, either. Right now I rarely actually go in for work, it’s all home office which is great, shortens the commute from 6 minutes to 0 and you don’t even have to shower.

Standing up 05:15, waking my little daughter, bringing her to the kitchen where she eats breakfast with mom, do my bathroom routine, take over my daughter in the kitchen and prepare my breakfast box for work, then go to bathroom with my daughter, dress her ready for nursery, clean the mess up when wife and daughter have left and leave home at around 06:30 to arrive at work around 06:45.
I enjoy my breakfast at 08:30 at work :coffee::bread::apple:

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Unless you make your coffee super strong then in theory an espresso will give you the same amount of extracted coffee, just far more concentrated. You’d normally just add water to a double espresso to get a black coffee. However the margin for error on an espresso is significantly smaller than with filter coffee so there’s no point using one to make a similar drink, especially when it’s more effort.

That sounds familar. My gf makes almost the same but with oat milk and no whey.

Unless you make your coffee *super strong

I use mugs to drink coffee, every smaller amount of liquid doesn’t qualify as a drink IMHO ;). For one mug I use around 25 - 30g of ground coffee. That’s more than what you can fit in a single piston of the piston coffee makers I know.

If I don’t use the filter machine, I use a Aeropress or a Bialetti or prepare Arabic coffee.

Most double baskets are designed for around 18g (we use 17g in ours) so that is quite strong, but I expect the extraction is pretty similar.

I also own an aeropress but haven’t used it for some years now. I should really give it another go soon though as it’s the perfect camping companion.

Is that the one where you make it with fine grinds and sugar in a pot?
It sounds like a nice ritual, like making a loose leaf tea.

I do drink quite strong coffee, that’s true, but the main point is that I drink more coffee (amound of liquid per serving, not servings) than most people.

Is that the one where you make it with fine grinds and sugar in a pot?

Exacly, you boil the ground coffee along with the water in the pot. At least that’s what I was talking about. I just checked Wikipedia. I think there it’s called Turkish Coffee. I mostly now it from people from the Balkans where this is also a very common way to prepare coffee.

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Nice! No scales though?