Morning Radio

courtesy of a friend of mine who’s the producer of the show, i managed to phone thru on a SWOP SHOP insert on johannesburg’s biggest morning radio show

instead of saying i haveXYZ and want to swop it for ABC, i said that we’re looking for the unicycles that people have stashed away in their garages (we being GUS), that we’d swop them for a set of juggling balls cause it’s way easier to learn and that we want to use these unicycles in our outreach projects - teaching underpriviliged people how to ride
we define ‘under-priviliged’ as anyone who’s never learnt how to ride the unicycle
had a nice chat to the presenter and three phone calls
not, as i’d expected and secretly hoped for, from people offering me unicycles, but from people who used to ride and would like to get back into it
a total of four ‘new’ unicyclists

my thinking was that if someone hears the insert, it might just motivate them to give it one more try
especially if they can meet with some other unicyclists and get some tips
and if they really want to swop a uni for a bag of juggling balls, they were too stupid to have a uni in the first place

a lot of radio stations offer this kinda swop-shop service
either on air or on their websites
if u’re looking to unearth some new members for your club, u may want to consider this approach and let us know how u go


i’ve done my part, i emailed them

What a cool idea, Dave. No surprise, coming from you. Good luck with your evangelical project.

Nice :). Great work guys!


and another phone call from a man who’s raced all kinds of motorb*kes in his life but secretly allways wanted to learn the uni

i gave him the phone number of the one retailer we try n support as he wanted to buy a uni right away
he also wanted to know if women do this kinda thing 'cause he wants to bring his wife along

that brings the total to six
we’ve all but doubled our membership!!