Morning News Unicycle Feature "Live" on KTLA

We do have a pretty wide variety, from real basic beginner, to some really extreme stuff. I do not have the cash for any unis right now though as I’m not able to work. I’d really like something that will take abuse, I’d like a muni to well… to try out muni, I’d also like a bigger wheel for commuting, I’d like a trials for when I start setting up a trials course in my back yard and I’d like a street, because I’m in town a lot with time to spare sometimes, and that’s the kind of stuff I’d be doing most.

How sad this disease is for me… lol

Sad? It’s the best disease you could have! And like I said, the next time I come up to SB, I can bring Mr. Orange (my back up KH MUni) with me in case you want to try it out!

Oh for sure! I dunno if I’d be able to ride it, but I’d give it a try haha

Khoool video Terry nice to see you spreading the word.
BTW you think you did enough peace signs?

haha I don’t remember if I did any at all. I was up at 4am and still sick so it may have slipped my mind. :o