More Unicycling on TV

hello all,

Last night I was about to turn off the tv when on came Weird Wheels (some weird show up here in !! CANADA !! hosted by Arthur Black on Life network…weird channel). On this programme, they show crazy cars, motercycles, bikes, etc. so I thought that they might have a unicycle on, and to my happiness, there was! They were interviewing Kris Holm and showing him do some trials type stuff and some muni. I was really happy because I have never seen Kris interviewed. It was really great, and fun to watch. And it really portrayed unicyclist well (ie, were not all circus folk, but no offence to those who are).
I think it was a rerun, but it was still very very very very good.

…thats all


I hate seeing Kris interviewed. It makes me realize how insignifigant I am :frowning:

Me and my bro (non anything-clist)were watching my bike vids, and he goes (after Kris talked about his masters, his concert violin skills, not to mention his uni-ing) and he goes, man, that guy is Superman!

For your viewing calendar:

November 22, 7:00 pm; Channel 5 (KING 5); Evening Magazine

Program about unicycling, with some pre-NAUCC/Unicon 11 coverage; as well as some actual event coverage.

Hope it turns out well and that you enjoy.