more uni help please :-D

well thanks to all the info you guys gave me, this is what i have for the 2 unicycles i would like to buy.

Trial Unicycle

20" wheels
2.5" fat tire
145mm crank length
400mm frame length
flat crown


24" wheels
165mm crank length
400mm frame length
flat crown

I will buy a KH fusion seat for one unicycle, and a standard seat for the other one which i will replace with a nimbus gel saddle. which one is better?

Also, For my Muni, I would like a tire thats good for both dirt riding, and street riding. how thick should it be?

And last question, do you think theres anything i should change with what I’ll be buying?

Oh, and last last question, are there any unicycles with the same stuff i would like? if so, what?



If your not on a budget, go with the KH 05 for the trials. It everything you would want and more lol.


My experience with tires has been, the more a good dirt tire is ridden on the road, the more worn down it gets, and faster. That’s why I don’t ride my MUni unless it’s on a trail anymore (it has a Gazz on it, 3.0in. width.) It’s a sweet tire on the hill, but concrete burns it. A decent compromise, I think, would be to get a 2.6" wide, slightly knobby tire, instead of something with really pronounced claws. Check a bike shop. Am I right about this?