More thoughts on pre-registering for UNICON

I just finished filling out registration forms for UNICON 11 and I have the
following observations:

I complained earlier that the forms were long and confusing. Well, having
now filled them out I stand by the fact that the form is somewhat long (4
pages). However, the form is clearly laid out and simple to complete.
Since I am registering as an individual (not a team) and also as a
non-competitor I only had to fill in basic contact info on the top of the
first page and then sign the last page. Pretty simple.

It is clear to me from all the communications I’ve had with those involved
in putting on this event that an enormous amount of effort and forethought
has been put into hosting both UNICON and NAUCC. I greatly appreciate this

With each passing day the events draw nearer and my excitement grows.
Although I knew it, I don’t think it actually had sunk in that I’ll be
watching the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS! The more I’ve thought about the expenses
the more I’ve realized what a small price it is to pay for what I’m hoping
will be a tremendous experience for me and my family. This experience would
not be possible without the hard work of those who are organizing the

The Northwest Committee for Unicycling Events, Inc. Home Page
( has been a wealth of info. I probably should have spent a
little more time there because, so far, all the questions I’ve posted about
the event are answered at the site. Again, thanks to those involved in
making this resource available to us.

See ya in July!