more thoughts/ideas for beginners

Hi all

Two thoughts/ideas for the low skill level riders who are working to improve (I fall fair into the middle of this category).

Go to and scroll down to 2.19 obstacle race. Have a look at the diagram. Go to your local sports shop and buy some small cones (used for coaching). Measure it up, put down the cones and spend half an hour trying. Measure your best attempt.
Repeat once a month and observe the improvements.
I found this fun, it also helped me to tighten up my turns (still got a long way to go). Want an extra challenge - for a beginner, swap from your normal uni and try a larger wheel (most will be trying on 20" or 24" so try one size up if you can).

Can’t play uni-hockey because you can’t find enough players to form one team, let alone a second? Go and buy a few broomsticks and steal a half size soccer ball from your four year old nephew/neice/brother/son/daughter (take them as well).
Go to a basketball court and have the little one throw the ball to you - hit with stick, dribble and try and hit back to the small one you have borrowed.
Great fun and I’m sure it will improve my skills. Main problem is I get sore sides from laughing too hard.


Phil the lonely unicyclist from Melbourne. Australia