More than I thought...

So apparently there a lot of banjo playing unicyclists. Banjo125, obviosuly plays, I play, and today a bumber sticker for came alongside a bumpersticker in the box with my new seat post clamp.

Weird. I wonder if one naturally draws the other.

Does anyone else here play, can you play while riding? I can, but since I can’t idle well I can’t put on a show.

Yeah what is the deal with getting a sticker with a order? I got one.

John Drummond, owner of, is a banjo player and he has recently started up

The Drummonds who run also run John threatened to hold my latest uni order hostage unless I also ordered a banjo. Don’t be surprised if you get tuning pegs instead of crank bolts with your next order.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Disclaimer: The first sentence in the above is true. The second two sentences are jokes. They are meant to be humorous not serious. John did not hold my last order hostage for the reason stated above or any other reason. He sent it in a timely manner with all the parts I ordered. John and the entire staff of and are fully capable of distinguishing unicycle parts from banjo parts. They will not send banjo parts with your unicycle order nor visa-versa (John, don’t make me a liar). Darren Bedford will not begin including tawdry t-shirts with your next unicycle order unless you request one. Roger will not attempt to foist marmite or marmite based products on you if you order unicycles or any other unicycling paraphernalia from him.

I can hear lots of Americans thinking “aww, dammit…” :slight_smile:


In this context and in the interest of predictable cross-Atlantic cultural relations, I believe you are required to refer to us as “Yanks”.

Thank you very much,
Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Did anyone else notice that if you take a midi file with “Onto us a child is born” from Händels “Messiah” and change the instruments to banjo, parts of it sounds kinda like duelling banjos?

Why yes, I did notice that. What an amazing coincidence.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Or is it?? :slight_smile:

I could use some wood finish and a mute. And maybe some new strings if I keep playing the way I have. If I order unicycle and banjo parts in the same hour will I get them in the same box? It would be economical.

Ahhh… I was working on that one. You have let it out of the bag now. :frowning:


i play banjo but i havn’t tried while riding

It requires a lot of elbow flapping, at least on bumby ground.