More Street Photos

Some more Street Photos…
Again, all comments welcome…

Me wants higher res.

Thats cool, in this picture is his foot off the pedal because he is falling or is it a crankflip out or something?

One of your pictures has been my computer desktop since the last thread. Really nice photos, I liked the tiregrab legs splayed out especially, and the standup wheel walk one!

I want to see pics of that guy in Australia that can supposedly grind 9 stair handrails on a bc wheel.

What is this? And how do you get those pictures? Like what do you do special?

I really like the one where you used the flash and the long exposure, you can get some crazy shots like that. A friend of mine used that for some devil stick pictures and they didnt turn out as sweet as yours but they were pretty cool

Nathan devil sticks glow 1.jpg

I would say that looks like a bail. Or some weird ground footplant over the rail to a blunt grind…But I am pretty sure he just slid off of the rail.

thats reece… tim wasnt there that day to take photos. he was busy taking photos of dan throwing up.

reece is super crazy. he’s only been riding BC for like 6 months.

you wont see any photos of that for a while though, thats the way it happens these days. but hopefully this will keep you in anticipation for when you do see it.

I want to try a handrail on my bc…I think I could do it. Not a 9 set rail though.

I dont get why woudnt see any pics…

because you’re mentally retarded

How do you get tose photos? The effect I mean

Dude, how much does your camera cost? Those pictures are flippin’ amazing.

Tim uses a Nikon D70, and the reason the pics are so good, is becoz he is a photographer (studying), and so am i, but im still in highschool, hes at uni !!

i want that last one as my wallpaper on my compy.
and as a poster.
That should be a poster.

anyone know where i can get a larger, higher-res copy of that last picture?

I just put it on there and it resized it. It looks pretty good anyway.
Higher res would still be nice if you can get it.

man, i knew reece was grinding on his bc, but i didnt know he was doin 9 stair sets now, damn.

Awseome. Its good to see great photo’s and obviously sweet riding coming out of australia. Really inspires you to go out and ride.