more railin

well, i was gonna add way more to this. but this footage is gettin old now…first i strained my foot, then cut my hand…and now i have a “chest wall strain”…i heard this popping sound in the center of my chest while riding a skinny yesterday, and now the pain is unbearable without lots of ibuprofen… this is the second time this has happened to me. happened 2 or so years ago.

so i’m out of unicycling for probably 2 weeks or longer
mostly rail riding…what i enjoy most:)… a couple lil lines…i’ve been working on the railroad gap like crazy, trying to gap and continue riding with 2 2x4s…had some close attempts, but it’ll be a while before i can hop again.

Awesome riding, your skinny riding is incredible!

You’re one of my inspirations to get good at skinnys :smiley:

Nice video, I enjoyed it a lot. Your balance is awsome, it reminds me of Tom Pec’s videos. :wink:

Awesome as always. I am sure you are one of the best when it comes to riding skinnies.

Maybe you could now step up. That could be rail to rail gaps or complex lines through a series of rails. I am sure you can build some yourself, they just would have to be a bit stronger than the ones you have already built. I am thinking of something like ride along one rail where you end up with your weak foot back. Then jump up, do a 180 crank rotation. After that you gap to another rail. Things like that. Or pedal grap a rail and then do a 180 hoptwist to pedal grap on the other side of the rail. I know that both things are really difficult but that would be really cool :wink:

Nice man! Heal fast!

Sorry to hear about this Derek.
What it is about riding skinnies that would cause this?

Nice man…The rail ride was SICK

Awsome! Your skinny riding and stand stills are very impressive.

Could it be related to the bail to post at 3:08. That looked really painful.

I really enjoy your videos. I am horrible at skinnies but i really want to learn to do them. Do you think this kind of balance can be learned or is it something you have found pretty natural? Do you have any suggestion on what I can work on to get started?

I am amazed at how you get started on some of the skinnies. Do you you have any regular or slow motion footage of you when you are mounting the uni on a rail. How do you mount without the uni rolling back as you get on? Is your weight on the seat as you are getting on?
Sorry, lots of questions! :stuck_out_tongue:
Great video! Heal fast.

Wow… thats pro quality.
The riding backwards must be a little scarey/error prone.

thanks a lot guys. awesome to hear it reminds you of tom pecs videos, cause he’s my fav rider and biggest inspiration. i watched his video spirit about about a year ago and was like “dang i wanna be just like him”, haha

i really wrenched myself to the left after being a bit too far to the right, and it was also like a twisting movement…then i heard a lil pop, followed by immediate pain. thing was, i didn’t even warm up that morning. i just got right onto the skinny and started. bad mistake…i’ll always ride around for at least 15 mins before riding the skinny. but today it feels a lot better.

i’ve practiced a lot. pretty much every single day for the past year i’ve spent at least an hour riding skinnies. usually it’s more like 2.

how i started was on really low flat skinnies. lol, they’re on my first video(haha when i rode skinnies with 1 hand holding the saddle) :

it’s a 2x4. my new skinnies are just 2x4’s or 2x6’s with rail added on top…i just drill a few screws along them and they’re plenty solid

once i got those consistent(which took a very long time) moving onto rounded skinnies surprisingly wasn’t as hard as i thought.

but just having a skinny at home is the best thing you can do. also, when i started doing standstills my skinny riding really took off.

as far as mounting, it’s a static mount…i’m not putting any weight on the rear pedal, and doing more like a jump with the foot that’s on the rail. i probably have a little less than half of my weight on the saddle. but while riding the skinny you should try to put all your weight on the saddle.

Another awesome vid.

What’s your current stand record? How many backward revs have you gotten on a skinny?

thanks. only like 2.5 revs backwards, lol…my max standstill is 1:40