More Progress

Well I’m happy to see that many of you are wheeling around after all your
Christmas feeding… I did place my uni beside the Christmas tree and shocked my
parents. My mother initially thought “Oh dear God, I hope that’s not for me” as
did my father. I of course was elated :slight_smile: After much debating about uni-induced
deaths and comas I took my uni downstairs and let it rest for the day. Over the
past few days however I’ve been practicing a little more each day. I’m still not
yet able to do a free-standing mount but mounting via beside a chair or other
object is improving and I’m getting up much quicker. However I still have to
issues, one of which being that the seat post will have to be trimmed down just
a smidge as my legs extend fully when the pedal is at the lowest point and that
just doesn’t seem right? The other less drastic measure is to get a much better
BMX type seat clamp. Almost 80% of the time I mount the seat turns and well, you
know the rest :slight_smile: I also snuck over to Chapters (a large troubled Canadian
bookstore chain) the other day to order Jack Wiley’s “How to Ride A Unicycle”
seeing as it’s only about $10 and coil bound, even if I figgure it out within a
month the book is still worthwile I mean; it’s coil bound.

Can’t wait till I can move further than a revolution and a half so I can catch
up to all of you :